Hello all!

First and foremost, I recognize it has been quite some time since I gave a proper update on the future of this site, much less updated it myself.
This has been the result of multiple years of external work, both in real life obligations and other creative endevours (music, game development, etc.) that have taken its place in my free time.

With that in mind, I can now safely say that this summer I can give vaporwave.wiki the time it deserves.

Ironically enough, this means the site will be offline for maintenance until being brought to completion.

As of this writing, all data is backed up locally and will be restored wherever possible. Thank you for your patience and support!

For questions and keeping track of future updates, please check @vaporwave_wiki on Twitter (or my artist account at @cleann_slate).

Otherwise, I can be contacted at vaporwave.wiki@gmail.com.

Stay tuned,