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Artist Recycle Test Signal (HKE)
Release Type Single
Record Label Dream Catalogue (Removed)
Catalog Number DREAM_85
Release Date January 2016
Length 05:01
Price £1000 GBP
Tags hardvapour; electronic; dream; dream music; dreampunk; experimental; experimental electronic; London
Recycle Test Signal
Previous Release N/A
Next Release TBD

1000hz (Later known as Sine Wave 1KHZ) is a placeholder single by HKE under the alias of Recycle Test Signal, made to replace Windows 98の's release これは魂のために. The sudden redaction of the album was due to quarrels between HKE - owner of Dream Catalogue - and Windows 98の. The track itself is a five-minute sine wave, consistent with HKE's use of sine waves around the time of its creation. In March 2016, the album was deleted from Dream Catalogue along with many others as the label shifted away from sample-based music. The track was left unmentioned until almost a year later, when HKE played the song on an NTS livestream, referring to it as Sine Wave 1KHZ by Test Signal.


  1. 1000hz (05:01)


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