Executive Towers

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Executive Towers
Artist Jade Statues
Release Type Album
Record Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number DREAM_108
Release Date September 28, 2015
Tracks 9
Length 42:05
Price £4 GBP (Dream Catalogue)
Tags alternative; ambient; cassette; future beats; ost; video game music; London
Jade Statues
Previous Release N/A
Next Release My Blade

Executive Towers is an album produced by Jade Statues. It was released alongside a video game of the same title, which it was the soundtrack to. It was made available with a preorder of 100 cassettes on September 14, 2015 alongside 仙Android and 安全出口EXIT空间和时间, but did not fully release until the 28th.


  1. Designated Waiting Area (05:21)
  2. Pre-Interview Cleansing Pool (05:29)
  3. Phthalo Green (03:54)
  4. We Stayed At The Beach (05:28)
  5. Rapid Cyclical Weather Change Sequence (02:27)
  6. Executive Suite (04:23)
  7. High Paying Position / VIP Lounge Keycard (06:20)
  8. Millenium Actress (04:34)
  9. Jade Ascension (04:09)


Jade Statues may be a new name for some followers of Dream Catalogue, but the Vancouver native is a name who has been waiting to burst onto the scene for some time. Having done live shows with Blank Banshee earlier this year as well as being selected for 2015’s Red Bull Music Academy, JS looks to have a promising future as an artist and producer.

His debut album ‘Executive Towers’, presented here as DREAM_108, has been over a year in the making after the popular Phthalo Green track, which features, made a splash on Soundcloud in 2014. It is a superbly crafted foray into future beats, abstract ambience and surrealist dream territory.

Not only an album, but the soundtrack to an upcoming video game inspired by Hiroko Nishikawa's classic PSX title LSD Dream Emulator, ‘Executive Towers’ is a dark, dreamy and at times unsettling reimagination of early vaporwave cultural icons and ideas, a dark trip into the uncanny valley and beyond. The concept is alluded to by the album cover’s graphic that shows an avatar of the classic vaporwave Roman statue reclined in an old leather couch, pondering what can only be the bleakest of memories with a glass of liquor in hand, alone in a musty living room lit by the glowing azure of a untuned television screen.

Artwork by Slippery Jibberish and Jade Statues


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