Fuji Grid TV EX

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Fuji Grid TV EX
Artist New Dreams Ltd. (Vektroid)
Release Type Album
Record Label None
Release Date February 14, 2016
Tracks 12
Length 32:27
Price $2.99 USD
Tags electronic; Portland
New Dreams Ltd.
Previous Release Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition
Next Release Sleepline

Fuji Grid TV EX (formerly Fuji Grid TV: EX) is an album by Vektroid released under the alias of New Dreams Ltd.. It is the first of Vektroid's three albums published on Valentine's Day 2016, the other two being Shader Complete and Sleepline. The album is a rebuilt and remastered version of her 2011 album prism genesis, originally produced under the alias of fuji grid tv.


  1. GOML (00:33)
  2. Ssun Dreamss (01:35)
  3. Change Your Mind / Waiting 4 U (03:02)
  4. Virtual Big Turtle (03:00)
  5. Slime Ritual / Cinemax (03:21)
  6. Black Horse (01:11)
  7. Ur Girl (04:25)
  8. Mosaic (05:43)
  9. Warm Life / New Life (02:43)
  10. HBO CD (02:19)
  11. Break Out! (03:09)
  12. Disku (01:26)

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