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"Is this vaporwave?"

While historically and musically vaporwave can have distinct patterns that make certain releases "doubtlessly vaporwave", there are a lot of releases that fall in a grey area because of time and/or artist interactions. Usually a release does not merit a page if:

  • the release severely predates the general timeline of the genre (starting at late 2010 with Chuck Person's Eccojams)
  • the artist does not associate themself or their release with the genre (e.g. most of James Ferraro or Daniel Lopatin's (early) works, though exceptions definitely apply)
  • the release is by an artist associated with the genre, but is clearly not vaporwave/not meant to be vaporwave (ex. HCMJ and Tech Honors's Rebecca Peake project and other aliases)

Other releases not covered on the site

  • Ironic/parody releases (ex. macplus, Floral Shoppe spoofs), including "throwaway" releases made as a joke or without attempt at value
  • Individual tracks of an existing album