Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition

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Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition
Artist New Dreams Ltd. (Vektroid)
Release Type Album
Record Label None
Release Date January 1, 2014
Tracks 16
Length 1:05:04
Price Name Your Price
Tags after earth; babylon is fallen; cryogenesis; electronic; nonmusic; woe to the crown; Portland
New Dreams Ltd.
Previous Release initiation tape part one
Next Release Fuji Grid TV EX

Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition is an album by Vektroid under the alias of New Dreams Ltd.. The album is a remastering of New Dream Ltd.'s previous album, initiation tape part one. The album was revised March 2013, almost a year before its release. The last five tracks also contain remastered tracks from midi dungeon, a 2011 album by Vektroid's alias esc 不在.


  1. Forever (04:52)
  2. Timecop (01:45)
  3. Fatal (02:22)
  4. Drftrzz (02:01)
  5. Dedication (02:25)
  6. Cold Water (04:56)
  7. Slave (02:36)
  8. Meditations (05:16)
  9. Cast (01:56)
  10. Feel (02:15)
  11. Sky Nouveau (04:51)
  12. Harem (01:41)
  13. Pine Forest Surf (06:36)
  14. Nimbus Lab After Hours (06:40)
  15. Asleep In The Ice Cave (05:33)
  16. Aurora 3D (09:19)


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