Negative Body Image

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Negative Body Image
Artist Sound Market
Release Type Album
Record Label N/A
Release Date August 19, 2017
Tracks 6
Length 18:13
Price Name Your Price
Tags Alternative - Experimental - IDM - Vaportrap - Vaporwave - Aesthetic - Chill - darkwave - Vaporhop - relax - Saint Louis
Sound Market
Previous Release On Hold
Next Release N/A


Negative Body Image, also stylized as (-)</Body>.jpg is the second full length album produced by Sound Market. This album serves as a turning point in Sound Markets stylistic theming. While prior releases by Sound Market were categorized as Mallsoft, Negative Body Image utilizes a myriad of video game, phone and computer samples alongside complex drum sequencing to emulate the distinct aesthetic of Vaportrap.


  1. Psyluxx (02:09)
  2. ฿rainMagic (03:53)
  3. LSDigital (03:00)
  4. Texture Memory(02:45)
  5. DarkBASIC(03:52)
  6. Phase Shift(02:34)

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