Shader Complete

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Shader Complete
Artist Sacred Tapestry (Vektroid)
Release Type Album
Record Label None
Release Date February 14, 2016
Tracks 9
Length 1:12:08
Price $3.99 USD
Tags electronic; Portland
Sacred Tapestry
Previous Release Shader
Next Release TBD

Shader Complete is the second of three albums released by Vektroid on Valentine's Day. The album was originally released as Shader in 2012, the remastering being done on the month of rerelease. In April 2016, the two download-exclusive tracks, ドリーミー and Microsleep 2012, were made public, the former placed between ROGO and Transmigration and the latter placed between Cosmorama and Spirited Child.


  1. Skyfall IV (Strike Suit) (08:26)
  2. LDVHD Terminus (11:13)
  3. ROGO (05:22)
  4. ドリーミー (04:23)
  5. Transmigration (08:48)
  6. Cosmorama (06:24)
  7. Microsleep 2012 (04:18)
  8. Spirited Child (13:55)
  9. Hushedcasket (09:19)

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