Vaporwave Is Dead

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Vaporwave Is Dead
Artist Sandtimer (HKE)
Release Type Album
Record Label Dream Catalogue
Catalog Number

DREAM_0 (Dream Catalogue)

X03 (Sandtimer)
Release Date December 9, 2015
Tracks 16
Length 38:15
Price £4 GBP

electronic; dream; dreampunk; experimental; electronic; hardvapour; vapour; London (Dream Catalogue)

alternative (Sandtimer)
Previous Release 808 Hate Suite
Next Release HVIA

Vaporwave Is Dead is the third album by HKE's alias Sandtimer, released exactly four years after the release of Floral Shoppe.


  1. Prepare To Die! (00:24)
  2. Recycle 2 (02:23)
  3. Vaporwave Is Alive (01:42)
  4. The Hunt Is On (01:46)
  5. Ambient (02:56)
  6. Public Service Announcement (02:08)
  7. War (02:17)
  8. Chaos Of The Void (02:56)
  9. Clichéd MIDI Interlude (03:59)
  10. Hydra Spawn (01:12)
  11. Vaporwave Is Dead (01:47)
  12. A Message From Flash Kostovich (00:34)
  13. Welcome To Hardvapour (02:26)
  14. An Ode To Vaporwave (RIP) (03:26)
  15. The Architect (03:44)
  16. End Credits (04:26)


"You will meet me,
under the dust,
where the tree of life once stood.
This world is out of time,
and now it is mine,
...prepare to die!"

On the fourth anniversary of the birth of vaporwave, we are delighted to inform you that vaporwave is, at last, dead.

Welcome to the new era.


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