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|Cover = DeadlyIrisZero-Cover.jpg
|Cover = DeadlyIrisZero-Cover.jpg
|Artist = {{Artist|General Translator|White Claudia|C}}
|Artist = {{Artist|White Claudia|C}}
|ReleaseType = Album  
|ReleaseType = Album  
|Formats = {{Format|Bandcamp}} Album (Free Download)<br>{{Format|Cassette}}
|Formats = {{Format|Bandcamp}} Album (Free Download)<br>{{Format|Cassette}}
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'''DEADLY .IRIS ZERO''' is an album by [[General Translator|White Claudia]], published by [[Hairs aBlazin']].  
'''DEADLY .IRIS ZERO''' is an album by [[General Translator#White Claudia|White Claudia]], published by [[Hairs aBlazin']].  

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ArtistWhite Claudia
Release Type Album
Label Hairs aBlazin'
Catalog Number HAB032
Bandcamp Album (Free Download)
Release Date

May 6, 2018 (Digital)

October 27, 2018 (Cassette)
Tracks 15 (13+2 bonus tracks)
Length 43:13

electronic; experimental; screwed & chopped; noise; vaporwave (White Claudia)

electronic; ambient; gothwave; horrorwave; industrial; soundtrack; survival horror; synthpop; trip hop; vaporwave (Hairs aBlazin')
White Claudia

DEADLY .IRIS ZERO is an album by White Claudia, published by Hairs aBlazin'.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Title Screen 2:26
2 A2 Alone In The Ward 4:11
3 A3 Following A Cerulean Letter 2:12
N/A A4 Something Not Right 2:04
4 A5 Tunnel Under Iris Memorial Hospital 3:30
5 A6 Iris Memorial Chaplain 2:51
6 A7 Dr. Aleister [First Form] 3:35
N/A A8 Saving 0:49
7 B1 Corridors 5:22
8 B2 Something In The Showers 2:08
9 B3 Catherine's Photo Collection 2:36
10 B4 The Lie and Ritual 1:21
11 B5 In The Heart of the Miasma, The Woman 3:09
12 B6 Dr. Aleister [FINAL FORM] 2:31
13 B7 Scorched Iris [End Theme] 4:19


White Claudia


Hairs aBlazin'

If you miss stepping into the shadows and tempting the darkness to swallow you whole, Deadly .Iris Zero will quench your morbid thirst for the dreadful discomfort of the macabre.

Just be warned, you know the danger that it presents is all too real. There is the ever looming chance you may not leave unmarred, if at all...


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