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Dream Catalogue
0020457075 10.jpg
Owner HKE
Location London, United Kingdom
Opening Date January 29, 2014
Status Active
Years Active (2014 - Present)

Dream Catalogue is a vaporwave/dreampunk label started in 2014 by British artist HKE (real name: David Russo). In its early years, Dream Catalogue was widely regarded as the preeminent vaporwave label and has released work by some of the genre's most popular artists such as t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, death's dynamic shroud, and VAPERROR among others. At various points in its history, the label has undergone changes in direction and style. As of 2020, HKE (and by extension, the label) has shunned its earlier vaporwave roots and moved towards a self ascribed "dreampunk" style.

A significant portion of Dream Catalogue's historical discography is no longer available through the label officially. Many of those releases' removal has been ascribed to copyright concerns, although stylistic reasons have been ascribed as many removed releases were sample-based. Some releases have been removed due to disputes between the artist and the label, notably VAPERROR.

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