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General Translator
a3463860448 10.jpg
AKA Immaculate Emancipation, White Claudia, Harley Magoo
Name Geoff Stoner
Location United States
Years Active 2012 - Present

General Translator is the vaporwave project of American musician Geoff Stoner, based out of Youngstown, Ohio. Beginning in late 2012, General Translator has produced eight albums and as of 2020, is still active. The project has been associated with the segahaze subgenre/tag, composing primarily with video game samples and tones. In addition to General Translator, they have also released music under the aliases of Immaculate Emancipation and White Claudia. General Translator is also prominently known by his alias Harley Magoo, author of the Vaporwave Subgenres list on Rate Your Music, curator of the Pleasure Network Selections compilations, and a writer for Tiny Mix Tapes.


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