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|Image= PureLifeicon.jpg
|Image= PureLifeicon.jpg
|AKA=Pure Life Records, Чистая Жизнь, ЧЖ
|Owner=[[CMD094]] & [[Panta Rhei]]
|Owner=[[CMD094]] & [[Panta Rhei]]
|Location=Manchester, United Kingdom
|Location=Manchester, United Kingdom

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Owner CMD094 & Panta Rhei
Location Manchester, United Kingdom
Opening Date September 30, 2018
Status Active
Years Active 2018 - Present

PURE LIFE is an electronic music label, founded in 2018 by an artist Panta Rhei and co-founded by an ambient music producer CMD094. The release focus is ambient and dreampunk music, although the label is open to submissions of any genre. The label has a status in the vaporwave scene, due to its' hosting of known figures, such as Sangam, DROIDROY and CRYOSAUNA, which contributed to the scene in one way or another.

The alternate stylings of PURE LIFE title: Pure Life, Pure Life Records, ЧЖ (Чистая Жизнь), etc.



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