metroexchange was a short lived vaporwave label founded in 2016. The label was originally named GMX or glassmetroexchange before rebranding soon after its first release. The label mainly featured short form releases, most of which were projects by hotline, and all releases featured thematic labels on all cover artwork.

Owner N/A
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Opening Date June 22, 2016
Status Inactive
Years Active 2016 - 2018

The label was rarely active during operation, and would cease operation entirely after 2018.


Date Catalog # Artist(s) Release
November 3, 2016 MX・001 ETERNITY パラダイス・ロスト
August 14, 2017 MX・002 回声广场 梦想
September 9, 2017 MX・003 digitalage 20xx
March 3, 2018 MX・004 ウインドブレーカー PAVILION
March 3, 2018 MX・005 56kdreams Navigator
March 4, 2018 MX・006 eternity you always forget
August 4, 2018 MX・007 chlorinemistプール より深く潜る

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