Aesthetic Nights Vol. 1

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Aesthetic Nights Vol. 1
Aesthetic Nights Vol. 1 cover.png
ArtistFIBRE X PowerPCME X Pad Chennington
Release Type EP
Label Coraspect Records
Catalog Number COR 1015-1
Bandcamp Album
Release Date February 29, 2020 (Coraspect Records)
December 4, 2020 (FIBRE)
Tracks 5
Length 19:37

french disco; french touch; future funk; vaporwave (Coraspect Records)

disco; electronic; french house; house; futurefunk (FIBRE)
Status Online
Previous Release Rendezvous
Previous Release Friends
Next Release K-Mart 199X
Pad Chennington
Previous Release Pilotgang 2 (PAD CHENNINGTON REMIX)
Next Release dewdropper

Aesthetic Nights Vol. 1 is an EP released by FIBRE, PowerPCME, and Pad Chennington and published for vinyl through Coraspect Records.


# Vinyl Artist Track Length
1 A1 FIBRE X PowerPCME X Pad Chennington Don't Call Me Baby 3:56
2 A2 Miami 3:41
3 B1 Pad Chennington Babe (LP Version) 2:38
4 B2 FIBRE First to Say (ft. Spring Silver & Matthew Clanton) 4:45
5 B3 PowerPCME It's True (ft. Donata Greco) 4:37


Coraspect Records

This 12" EP was planned to coincide with the first Aesthetic Nights collaborative live performance as a merch table item on the night of the event. A pressing plant delay thwarted our plans, but ticketholders have been given an opportunity to purchase a copy, and Coraspect is now making this fantastic and very-limited-edition EP is now available to everyone!

Side A contains two extended exclusive three-way collab tracks between FIBRE, Pad Chennington, and PowerPCME.

  • "Don't Call Me Baby"
  • "Miami"

Side B contains one song each by each of the artists at the event:

  • Pad Chennington - "Babe"
  • FIBRE - "First to Say (ft. Spring Silver & Matthew Clanton)"
  • PowerPCME - "It's True (ft. Donata Greco)

Pad Chennington

2 collaboration tracks created between FIBRE, PowerPcMe & myself to commemorate our event AESTHETIC NIGHTS on 1/4/20 in Manhattan, NYC ... Come out for a night of Vaporwave and Future Funk in NYC!:

These tracks will be available at the show on a limited edition, 100-copy only vinyl! Hope to see you at the show :)


TODO: Add physical media images.

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