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Music sorted by type of release, typically dependent on number of tracks and context.

Release Type Guide

  • Albums are standard releases that typically have a minimum of 6-7 tracks, usually anywhere above 20 minutes in length.
    • Compilations are collaborative projects between various artists under a single release, typically through a label.
    • Samplers are releases consisting of previous tracks compiled in a best-of format, published by artists or, most commonly, labels.
    • Archival Releases are self-compilations of an artists' previous work, e.g. a collection of SoundCloud singles or other tracks put together.
  • EPs are shorter releases, usually ranging from 2-5 tracks (and likely under 20 minutes in length.)
  • Singles are average-length, one-track releases usually published in a more casual manner than other release types.
  • Mixes are collections of tracks compiled by artists, labels or fans, either done thematically or for general enjoyment.


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