Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1

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Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1
ArtistChuck Person
Release Type Album
Label The Curatorial Club
Catalog Number TCC011
Formats Digital File
(Paid Download)
Release Date August 8, 2010 (Cassette)
November 22, 2016 (Digital)
Tracks 15 (Digital)
2 (Cassette)
Length 52:08 (Digital)
55:55 (Cassette)
Status Online
Chuck Person

Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1 is an album by Oneohtrix Point Never under the alias of Chuck Person. The album is one of the first known examples of vaporwave, with the tracks showing the technique of slowing down, chopping up, and looping samples of preexisting music, known as the "classic" style of vaporwave.



# Track Length
1 A1 2:36
2 A2 (MV) 3:48
3 A3 6:04
4 A4 (MV) 1:55
5 A5 2:51
6 A6 2:46
7 A7 2:17
8 A8 4:46
9 B1 4:33
10 B2 4:36
11 B3 4:16
12 B4 (MV) 2:10
13 B5 2:51
14 B6 2:23
15 B7 4:08


# Track Length
A1 Untitled 29:07
B1 Untitled 26:48


  • The original cassette release had no track listing. The track listing that most are familiar with seems to have been done by fans sometime after its original release. Knowing this, it is possible that the 2016 digital release's track names were influenced by this.
  • The tracks A2 and B4 both appeared on Oneohtrix Point Never's 2009 DVD release Memory Vague, named Angel and Nobody Here respectively. Angel noticeably cuts off early.
    • Both of these tracks were uploaded to Oneohtrix Point Never's youtube channel sunsetcorp. Along with these was the track A4, called Demerol.
  • A4, titled Demerol, was included in Oneohtrix Point Never's self-split album KGB Nights / Blue Drive.
  • B2, titled Let It Go, was included in Oneohtrix Point Never's EP Scenes With Curved Objects. This version is noticeably cut down and shortened.


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