Fjords, Vol. II

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Fjords, Vol. II
ArtistAmun Dragoon / Mensa Group International
Additional Credits Nate James (Artwork)
Release Type EP (Split)
Label Ailanthus Recordings
Catalog Number AR052
Bandcamp Album
Release Date February 2, 2013
Tracks 6
Length 14:02
Tags amun dragoon; fjords vol. ii; mensa group international; punk; vaporwave; ancient music; doswave; internet; new 2013; soundcloud; webwave
Status Online
Amun Dragoon
Previous Release Sinews of Shadows, Temple of Darkness
Next Release Mythril Nights
Mensa Group International
Previous Release Split (Mensa Group International / luxury elite)
Next Release Mini-LP
"FJORDS" Series
Next Release Fjords, Vol. III

Fjords, Vol. II is a split EP release by Amun Dragoon and Mensa Group International, published through Ailanthus Recordings.


# Artist Track Length
1 Mensa Group International Pagan Ritual 1:32
2 Amun Dragoon Spirals Risen, Crafted of Myst 1:33
3 Mensa Group International Atta 2:43
4 Amun Dragoon Stardust 2:33
5 Angel's Egg 2:52
6 Mensa Group International Lord Byron at the End of the World 2:47

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