Kudatah—Vol. 3

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Kudatah—Vol. 3
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Album (Compilation)
Label Kudatah
Catalog Number KDTH023
Bandcamp Album
SoundCloud Set
Release Date September 21, 2020
September 27, 2020
October 2, 2020
October 28, 2020 (Redirect)
Tracks 22
Length 1:45:45

afrohouse; ambient; bass; dreampunk; drum & bass; electronic; experimental; jungle; techno; vaporwave (Kudatah)

electronic; ambient; breakbeat; footwork; juke; jungle (Text Chunk)
Status Online
"Kudatah" Series
Previous Release Kudatah—Vol. 2

Kudatah—Vol. 3 is a compilation released and published for cassette through Kudatah.


Artist # Tape Track Length
Sven K & Text Chunk 1 A1 Perfect Shift 4:24
Arctor 2 A2 Male Enhancer 4:27
PML Beatz 3 A3 Batuta 5:04
Thugwidow 4 A4 Order Of The Crow 4:28
T5UMUT5UMU 5 A5 True Peak 8:36
Mathis Ruffing 6 A6 G Man 4:37
Omeed Norouzi 7 A7 Rhythm Slip (Jock Club Remix) 4:55
Sangam & Text Chunk 8 A8 Peak Mainframe 4:26
Jose Fleury 9 A9 Dual Genesis 2:27
Sven K, Skee Mask & Text Chunk 10 A10 Arrakis 5:21
Sangam 11 A11 Never Saw 5:07
Kagami Smile 12 B1 Body Floating In Reverie 6:11
PJS 13 B2 Weave 3:23
LILLITH twin 14 B3 Shadow Stalker 2:30
Hood Joplin 15 B4 Critical 4:16
HKE 16 B5 Acid Halo 5:05
Konx-Om-Pax 17 B6 Flexible 3:48
Nmesh 18 B7 Can't Recall 6:25
Code Abi 19 B8 Transparency 6:19
HomeSick 20 B9 His Mind 4:28
Nasty King Kurl 21 B10 Been Dope 5:43
Yoshimi 22 B11 Unattainable 3:45



Curated over the period of 2 1/2 years, Kudatah is proud to present the long-awaited 3rd installment in our compilation series.

While past volumes have featured distinguished artists like DJ Earl, Vektroid, Blank Body, Ex-Terrestrial, 食品まつり a.k.a Foodman and Working On Dying's F1lthy, 'Vol. 3' is our most bold and ambitious compilation to date. Artists on this album represent highly respected labels of ours like Ilian Tape, Planet Mu, Príncipe, Infinite Drift, Leaving Records, Moveltraxx and more.

Although some have released full-length LPs or have collaborated with the label someway in previous years, the musicians finally joining our series for the first time include Hood Joplin, Konx-Om-Pax, Jose Fleury, Skee Mask, PJS, Arctor, PML Beatz, Thugwidow, T5UMUT5UMU, Omeed Norouzi, Code Abi, HomeSick, Nasty King Kurl & Yoshimi, while Sven K, Text Chunk, Mathis Ruffing, Jock Club, HKE, Sangam, Kagami Smile, LILLITH twin and Nmesh return for their 2nd or 3rd appearances.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the label and our artists over the past 4 years, we look forward to sharing this new selection of music and hope you enjoy this new contemplative and cerebral post-rave listening experience.

Text Chunk

3 Tracks/Collabs out on the new Kudatah Vol. 3 compilation


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