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<div style="{{Linear-gradient|left|#00bbff80ddff, #FFfffff8fcff}}"><font face="Arial" color="black"><font size="4">About</font></font> </div>
<font size="2">'''''' is a comprehensive database of Vaporwave where anyone can contribute!<br><br>
'''Vaporwave''' is an art movement which emerged in the early 2010s among Internet communities. There has never been an universally agreed upon accepted definition of Vaporwavethe genre specifically, but in this fluidity there are uncontroversial characteristics. The name Vaporwave stems from Vaporware; an announced product that never gets manufactured. Both common themes of counterculture, uncanny presentation of the visual past and musical expressions of Vaporwave are characterized by an ambivalent nostalgic fascination with retro cultural aestheticsfuture, commonly alluding to and a particular nostalgia towards somewhere in time between 1980 and 11 September 2001. In contrast to other forms around the last fifth of retromania, Vaporwave often deconstructs said past and the future it promised20th century. Vaporwave artists often use the intricate  Sonically, vaporwave is commonly constructed around manipulation of samples , sometimes minimalist and pictures to achieve a chopped-and-screwedother times entwined in original instrumentation, hauntological quality. While influential in its early development, the anti-capitalist interpretation of Vaporwave as a form of culture jamming and re-appropriation of one's own culture has made place for a more diverse set of motives and messagesplunderphonic manner. The various inspiration Typical sample sources and nostalgia triggers of Vaporwave can include television broadcasts (specifically "weather channel music" or commercials from around the Weather Channelworld), video gamesformally-released music from the '80s and '90s (pop, early digital artlounge, technology jazz and advertising"elevator music" being typically associated with the genre), and often involves even video game soundtracks. Visual styles usually follow suit of the fusion samples themselves, combining a retro-revitalization idea with current-day netart. This combination of modern popular music with lounge, smooth jazz retro-inspired and "true retro" concepts allows for a wide variety of interpretations musically and elevator musicthematically. HoweverUniquely, throughout the years Vaporwave has grown into a rich ecosystem ranging from the euphoric '''Future Funk''' to the disorienting '''Broken Transmission''' and anything in between, making Vaporwave genre is more of a philosophic approach to music than a rigid set of aesthetic rulesprinciples. <br><br>
This site is based around community information and contribution, meaning users are encouraged to add to our database by all means.
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<br><small>''[[:Template:History|Missing release? Check here!]]''</small>
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<div style="{{Linear-gradient|left|#00bbff80ddff, #FFfffffafdff}}"><font face="Arial" color="black"><font size="4">Want to contribute?</font></font> </div>
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*Read up on our [[Help:Contents|guides]] for article creation and editing.
*Submit a new release to our collection!
*Add images to pages missing them (especially in [[:Category:Releases Sorted by Physical Media|physical media scans]]).
*Fix a some red link links and help [[Special:WantedPages|create pages for missing information]].

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