Work Flow Vol. I

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Work Flow Vol. I
Work Flow Vol. I cover.jpg
ArtistElite Zararus
Release Type Album
Label Tom's Coffee Records
Catalog Number TCRrct-003
Bandcamp Album
(Paid Download)
Release Date April 28, 2020 (Digital)
May 12, 2020 (Cassette)
Tracks 11
Length 16:44

ambient; vaporwave (Elite Zararus)

everything; experimental; nothing; oddities; vaporwave (Tom's Coffee Records)
Status Online
Elite Zararus
Previous Release PALM TREE
Next Release Work Flow Vol. II
"Work Flow" Series
Next Release Work Flow Vol. II

Work Flow Vol. I is an album released by Elite Zararus and published for cassette through Tom's Coffee Records.


TODO: Document cassette tracklist.
# Track Length
1 Men's Club 1:52
2 Calm Before The Storm 1:25
3 DiveBar 1:48
4 Vibe 0:52
5 Tiptón Grove 1:29
6 Cabin Memories 1:42
7 Scarlet Fever 1:40
8 Summer Sun 87' 1:03
9 Future 1:46
10 Divine Oceans 1:35
11 Atlas Stone 1:32


TODO: Add physical media images.

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