Work Flow Vol. II

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Work Flow Vol. II
Work Flow II.jpg
ArtistElite Zararus
Release Type Album
Label Tom's Coffee Records
Bandcamp Album
Release Date August 23, 2020 (Elite Zararus)
July 14, 2021 (Tom's Coffee Records)
Tracks 11
Length 15:18

ambient; vaporwave (Elite Zararus)

everything; experimental; nothing; oddities; vaporwave (Tom's Coffee Records)
Status Online
Elite Zararus
Previous Release Es4*
Next Release Blico
"Work Flow" Series
Previous Release Work Flow Vol. I
Next Release Work Flow Vol. III

Work Flow Vol. II is an album released by Elite Zararus in 2020 and published for cassette through Tom's Coffee Records in 2021.


TODO: Document cassette tracklist.
# Track Length
1 Waterfront 1:32
2 S E A R S 92' 1:21
3 Current Year 1:21
4 Pennies 1:16
5 The Deep End 2:06
6 Darry Barko 1:19
7 Tailor Made 1:13
8 A-GSD(J) 1:21
9 Murder After 5 1:02
10 Things Will Get Better 1:22
11 Timeloop 1:21


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