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Vaporwave is an art movement which emerged in the early 2010s among Internet communities. There has never been an universally accepted definition of the genre specifically, but in this fluidity there are common themes of counterculture, uncanny presentation of the past and future, and a particular nostalgia towards somewhere in time around the last fifth of the 20th century.

Sonically, vaporwave is commonly constructed around manipulation of samples, sometimes minimalist and other times entwined in original instrumentation, in a plunderphonic manner. Typical sample sources can include television broadcasts (specifically "weather channel music" or commercials from around the world), formally-released music from the '80s and '90s (pop, lounge, jazz and "elevator music" being typically associated with the genre), and even video game soundtracks. Visual styles usually follow suit of the samples themselves, combining a retro-revitalization idea with current-day netart. This combination of modern, retro-inspired and "true retro" concepts allows for a wide variety of interpretations musically and thematically. Uniquely, the genre is more of a philosophic approach to music than a rigid set of principles.

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