(when i​’​m bored) - 当​我​无​聊​时

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(when i​’​m bored) - 当​我​无​聊​时
(when i​’​m bored) - 当​我​无​聊​时.png
Artistd a b i g s p o o k 阴茎
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
Bandcamp Album
Release Date March 7, 2023
Tracks 6 (5 + 1 bonus)
Length 37:56
Styles Parody
Tags baku; electronic; experimental; hard; hardvapour; hushwave; shit; spooky; vaporwave; vapour; waporwave
Status Online
d a b i g s p o o k 阴茎
Previous Release (reborn from the ashes) - 从灰烬中重生
Next Release (piss cycle) - 小​便​周​期

(when i​’​m bored) - 当​我​无​聊​时 ((when i​’​m bored) - when i​’​m bored) is an album released by d a b i g s p o o k 阴茎. The release's branding is a parody of b e g o t t e n 自杀.


# Track Length
1 (life of the party) - 聚会的灵魂人物
(life of the party) - life of the party
2 (mommy milkers) - 奶量驚人
(mommy milkers) - mommy milkers
3 (nightcore power switching vocals little mix nightcore) - 夜场电源开关人声混音夜场
(nightcore power switching vocals little mix nightcore) - nightcore power switching vocals little mix nightcore
4 (catgirl sex slave) - 貓娘性奴
(catgirl sex slave) - catgirl sex slave
5 (alone) - 单独
(alone) - alone
6 (bonus track) - 几加仑的精液从我的鸡巴里抽出来
(bonus track) - A few gallons of semen out of my cock.


Another Halloween album that parodies the works of b e g o t t e n 自杀.

"I remember, near the end of a year, when the coast of the Virus seemed to be clear, and my then-favorite band allowed its fans to hear exclusive monthly albums - it felt like Christmas was here!

And along with those albums, a place to chat; Nothing sounded so wrong about that! And when I found the time, I sat at my computer and clicked the join button flat.

I didn't know what was coming, and I wish I did; The chatroom was no place for me, a dumb, vulnerable kid.

It was very cruel, how they treated me, when in the end, all I wanted to be was part of a welcoming community where I had friends to talk to, where I could be free.

Eventually, unfortunately, they threw me away, and I was certain that this was the end. I really wanted to let my anger out and say some very cruel things about my so-called "friends".

But alas, in the end it wasn't worth it. Nothing could stop those pieces of shit; Those bastards who act all holier-than-thou, who treat those who are different than them like clowns.

It hurts to remember life back then, The humor and heartbreak, the joy and pain; However, I must admit that I said and did some things that I cannot take back, like they're a permanent stain

Even with that, though, what they did wasn't right. While my words and actions led me into fights, sometimes theirs made me cry at night, rendering me hopeless in a world without light.

But no more will I whine, instead I'll move on, To live a brand new life and name, and become a lolicon."

"You mean everything to me..."



就像,我知道有一些怪异的癖好和怪异的狗屎会打扰人们,而且你知道我对此很酷,我只是不看它。但是这个。 他妈的这个。



到底该死的。我知道这是互联网的运作方式,但是... 什么...该死...?


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