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HKE (aka David Russo) is a British music producer and founder of an influential experimental music label, Dream Catalogue.


Mostly known as the member of the renowned 2814 duo, HKE felt under the spotlight when both him and Telepath テレパシー能力者 (Luke Laurila) released their second album together, titled 新しい日の誕生 (Atarashī hi no tanjō). Prior to this, HKE's music profile saw the expansion of David's music vocabulary through the means of inspiration from movies, like Blade Runner and artists, such as Burial and Vangelis and into a futuristic cyberpunk sound that became more original & fleshed out as the time went by. In 2014, HKE was already establishing himself through releases, such as 浪漫的夢想 and 2047. In spite of very obvious themes, references and influences, the albums still manage to be original in their sort of way and lead the listener into the amusing narrative of the realm this music sets itself in.

While not a necessarily vaporwave music producer per se, his works as Hong Kong Express and as 1/2 of 2814 proved to be important releases that solidified his importance & musical achievements in few music scenes, including vaporwave. His initial project, Subaeris, is his earliest documented music experiment. The project itself helped lay a foundation for a sound, a lot of which can be heard in his much more notorious music projects, later in his discography. The project name, HKE, is an abbreviation of earlier moniker, Hong Kong Express.


HKE is known for his large discography and a big variety of different music aliases and side projects. His most notable ones are:


This section will feature almost all music projects and releases that HKE created/took part in, according to RYM and Discogs, as of July 14th

Hong Kong Express

Hong Kong Express & Telepath テレパシー能力者


  • Loop Matrix
  • Dragon Soul
  • Care for You
  • Sleeping Angel
  • Apocalypse
  • Into Your Heart
  • Charming Devil
  • Dreampunk Dreams
  • Service Work
  • SQ777-1: No Man Is God
  • SQ777​-​2: Heel Aesthetic
  • SQ777​​-​​3: Emotionless Passion
  • SQ777​-​4: High Kinetic Energy
  • SQ777-5: Modern Esoteric
  • SQ777​-​6: 16​-​Cell
  • SQ777​-​7: Sacred Code (Encrypted)

HKE & Telepath テレパシー能力者

HKE & wosX, Cocainejesus and Sandtimer

  • Pain of Gods

HKE & Halo Acid

  • No Dreams
  • Shadow Merchants
  • Lucid Era

Alina Vovk & HKE

  • Fearless / Level 7


  • Subaeris
  • Kegare
  • In Tokyo 2
  • Shinjuku Underground - Meditation Chamber System Overload
  • Europa
  • new tokyo blue mood 東京
  • The City in Rain
  • Cycle
  • Dreams Love Chaos City
  • New Tokyo Blue Mood 2
  • Transcendent God

Kagami Smile / Subaeris

  • Asleep / Awake


  • Exospirit
  • 0

Air Japan

  • Tokyo Audio 3000
  • Summer of Love
  • Ghost Dragon

Blank Goofee

  • Blank Goofee 0

Broken HKE

  • Delete

Buried Angel

  • Sleep Tsunami

Artist Name Removed

  • Album Name Removed

C A S I N O ☆★☆★☆ M A S T E R

  • ☆★☆ ボーナススピン幸運 !!!
  • 勝 者 ! ! ! !★W I N N E R★


  • The Games We Play
  • Night Drive
  • 真の愛
  • 天使
  • 非実体
  • I Am Chesumasuta
  • Infinity Of A Void
  • Return Of The High Intellect Nymphomaniac Anime Legend 3000
  • Tokyo Audio 3000 / Tokyo Audio 4000
  • Cultivation Of The Flesh
  • 夢に生きます
  • Simpson 6

City Developer

  • Foundation

The Darkest Future

  • Floral Shoppe 2
  • ?​?​?​?​?​?​?​?


  • A Heart Full of Love
  • Cytherea Somniare
  • Prelude to Destruction
  • New Humans

Emperor Tangerine

  • My Empire
  • Saltwater Creek
  • The_Zone
  • War
  • Find Me Lady
  • Slaves

Eternal Dream System

  • 夢01
  • 夢02

Future City Love Stories

  • 油尖旺 DISTRICT
  • Future City Love Stories

Infernal Demon Keito

  • Facechain
  • Unfrozen Predators

Jesus of Neo Nazareth

  • Ode To The Corporation


  • Dojo 777
  • A Journey
  • Kamokata


  • Happy

Keito Shimuguchi

  • Memories of a Dead Future
  • Dilation of the Soul Electronic

Lotus Flowers

  • वार्युद्भव


  • The Name

New Delhi Express

  • रोमांटिक सपना

Roman Moonchild

  • Roman 1

Sacred Frequencies

  • Autres temps, autres mœurs


  • Shrine


  • Leave With Us
  • Vaporwave Is Dead
  • 808 Hate Suite
  • HVIA
  • In Search of the Chessmaster
  • God
  • The New King
  • Stay Away

Silk Demon

  • The Embrace Between the Circus and the Sky

Sleep Center™

  • Disk 1

Storm Division Eight

  • Air.

テレビ体験 (Television Experience)

  • Y. 2089
  • The City Never Ends

The Artist Is Unknown

  • Later Tonight
  • Trivial / Heartbeat

Triad Research Laboratories

  • Creating Your World
  • The Vaporwave Trials
  • The Life After Death Trial

The Last Man On Earth

  • The Last Man On Earth

The Tree Of Life

  • Psalm 23


  • Infinite 新しい生命システムの音
  • Supercartridge
  • Decision Moment
  • T9PTB
  • KOTB
  • Friendship

Unknown Artist

  • The Phonograph
  • Question 4

Unknown Data

  • X​-​5AS482

Vision Girl

  • Film Noir
  • デッドデッドデッドデッド
  • Amare Sanguinem

вовчі особи

  • вовки тіні


  • Metropolisからオーディオ


  • 空気還元

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