A Brief History of Ambien Vol. 5

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A Brief History of Ambien Vol. 5
ArtistIntl. Debris
Additional Credits MindSpring Memories (Artwork)
Release Type Album
Catalog Number SW-072
Bandcamp Album
Cassette (w/ Softcore Rave '91)
Release Date December 29, 2015
Tracks 11
Length 32:28

experimental; acid house; ambient house; chopped & screwed; genrequeer; lo-fi; rave; vaporwave (Enofa)

diy; electronic; experimental; ambient; avant-garde; net label; new age; plunderphonics; sample-based; vaporwave; weird (SWAMP CIRCLE)
Status Online
Intl. Debris
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Next Release [TODO]

A Brief History of Ambien Vol. 5 is an album by Intl. Debris, originally released through SWAMP CIRCLE in 2015. At an unknown point in time, the album was condensed and republished as a "double album" along with Softcore Rave '91 through the artist's page. This version of the album was later self-published on cassette and distributed among friends of the artist.


# Tape Track Length
1 B1 Drifting Conciousness 2:44
2 B2 Miles From Home In Your Head 3:55
3 B3 Sinking Love 3:34
4 N/A Dinotime (feat. Nmesh) 1:51
5 B4 Rain Or Appointments 2:23
6 N/A Emotional Downturn 2:09
7 B5 Tripping 3:26
8 N/A 3AM Forever 1:00
9 Torchwood 2:33
10 B6 One More Sunrise 3:26
11 B7 Sleep 5:20


  • The tracks Dinotime, Emotional Downturn, 3AM Forever, and Torchwood were not included with the re-release.
  • The cassette release is paired with Softcore Rave '91 on side A.


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