A Night of Ephemeral Transcendence

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A Night of Ephemeral Transcendence
Release Type Album
Label djproject
Catalog Number KRYSH002 (djproject)
Bandcamp Album
(Paid Download)
Release Date September 10, 2021 (digital)
Tracks 2
Length 44:44
Tags electronic; dreampunk; erotic ambient; post-vaporwave; synth;
Status Online
Previous Release Reincarnated Resurrection
Next Release Psychogeography

A Night of Ephemeral Transcendence is the second album of キラヨシ. It was self-published (under djproject) on September 10, 2021.


# Track Length
1 La nuit
The Night
2 Transcendance éphémère
Ephemeral Transcendence


  • The first track is divided into the following three parts
    • Marmonnant dans les rues de la ville or Muttering in the city streets
    • Les ténèbres englobent les bois or Darkness encompasses the woods
      • Out of respect to one of the participants, the voices heard in this section are uncredited
    • Voici, la Dame au clair de lune or Behold! the Lady of the Moonlight
      • Abigail (or Abby) Strickland did the vocals
  • Audrey Seybold did the artwork


It started like any other night. The city lights obscured the evening sky. Yet in spite of its seemingly piercing brightness, the internal darkness persisted. And it was not for lack of trying to overcome this. But for every effort to move forward, I seem to be pushed back even more.

My night wandering took me beyond the city limits to where the illuminated buildings and the towering lampposts transformed into a silhouetted arboretum. Whatever moonlight was still there provided somewhat of a guide. However, the internal thoughts veered from introspective questioning to lingering echoes of painful words. Soon the thought train got more abstract to comprehend yet remained complementary to the cold wilderness.

But just when it was about to reach a feverish peak, a powerfully luminescent apparition appeared before me. The darkness, both internal and external, dissipated at the presence of a beautiful woman. With great majesty and elegant grace, she declared herself to be the Lady of the Moonlight. I was humbled and honoured that out of all souls wandering the earth, she could see what I was carrying within. Furthermore, she invited me to enter her celestial realm and from there, it was to be ...


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