Aiyasanalatt & everything going on

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Aiyasanalatt & everything going on
Aiyasanalatt & everything going on.png
Release Type Album
Label Prevue Guide
Catalog Number CH 13
Release Date January 22, 2021
Tracks 21
Length 52:26
Tags duck and dail; psychonautics; punk; eccojam; experimental; field recordings; late night; noise; television; vaporwave; vhs
Status Online
Previous Release Sun Shining Optimism

Aiyasanalatt & everything going on is an album released by ™CENTURY and published through Prevue Guide. It ends the three years hiatus following 2017 ADHD 10.


# Track Length
1 It sounds 1:26
2 get going 1:33
3 make it happen 1:50
4 remember to reconnect 6:05
5 and use it 1:17
6 magic 3:25
7 notice the outcomes 1:41
8 you're doing it 0:47
9 don't second guess yourself 5:19
10 trust 2:00
11 see how the vibrations flow and flow and flow 1:12
12 stay humble 2:18
13 remember who you are 3:48
14 really, remember who you are 5:15
15 enjoy it 1:30
16 celebrate it/It 0:44
17 it doesn't stop 1:23
18 so hustle 3:17
19 and really, enjoy it 3:07
20 yeah yeah, celebrate all of the time 1:38
21 and keep giving back <3 2:51



"This has been happening for over a year. We never go and we’re already here. This is and will always be a labor of love. The decision to be human, is a powerful one; one with great rewards, great challenges, and great expectations. Remember to forget expectations. Remember to live. That’s the point, that’s the “meaning”. [to live, to love] We’re here and this is one of them. Keep it going, don’t stop. We make it happen. Each of us make it happen. There is no fear when we know the truth. This is the point of it all. This is the reason, and it’s different all around. Find what it is and make it happen. Never stop and enjoy it. Remember Love. Press on. Enjoy. Smile. Love."


I wanna say thank you so much to Luxury Elite
for reviving her Fortune 500
imprint Prevue Guide
and releasing my first document since 2017 and the first as ™CENTURY since 2014! The plans to release this occurred in real-time in the chat during Utopia District
's Late Night Lights Festival back in December, I couldn't imagine it having been more poetic. This document has been a work in progress for a little over a year and its a great celebration to finally have it available for everyone. Hop over and listen/download Free Download. Also shouts out to the Sigmund Generous Youtube channel for having already uploading this in video format! It's a great feeling to know that one can dip out of the community for a while and always be warmly welcomed back with open arms. Thank all of you for supporting my work over the past 12 years, I have so much love in my heart. Hope you all enjoy!!!! ❤ : ) ❤ : )

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