Arnecia Hawkins

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Arnecia Hawkins
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
Bandcamp Album
(Free Download)
Release Date April 2, 2013
Tracks 12 (10 + 2 bonus tracks)
Length 19:50
Tags experimental; experimental hip-hop; vaporwave
Status Offline
Previous Release SIDDIQ
Next Release the heavens

Arnecia Hawkins is an album by Siddiq. The album was privatized along with Siddiq's Bandcamp page sometime in 2016. The album received a follow-up in 2017, simply titled "AH II".


# Track Length
1 jdebkrcmjs | intro 1:40
2 del sol 1:55
3 queen of hearts 2:07
4 the cut. 1:41
5 reality 1:26
6 + 1:03
7 the cell 1:55
8 air zoom generation, part one 2:21
9 air zoom generation, part two 1:25
10 jcebfpssda | outro 1:11
11 signs (Bonus) 1:23
12 (Bonus) 1:39


Here's my 2nd vaporwave album, entitled Arnecia Hawkins. You may be wondering, why is it named after her? I was checking out an ASU basketball game one night, and she was BALLIN'. This is probably my absolute favorite project that I've ever done. The last two tracks are dedicated to my uncle, Derek Carter, who's holding it down out in Iraq and gave me some songs to use. I hope y'all enjoy this.

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