Astral Projections

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Astral Projections
Owner High School Drama Teacher[1]
Location Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Opening Date May 26, 2016
Status Inactive
Years Active 2016

Astral Projections was a cassette label founded in 2016, formerly run by High School Drama Teacher. The label successfully published a run of physicals with City Management Simulator® 2000, but was the subject of ire and subsequently shut down after failing to ship the sold tapes for e a r l y t r a n c e.


Date Catalog # Artist(s) Release
May 26, 2016 N/A High School Drama Teacher City Management Simulator® 2000
October 7, 2016 ASPJ-0002 MindSpring Memories e a r l y t r a n c e


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