Blood, Death & Regret

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Blood, Death & Regret
Blood, Death & Regret.png
ArtistHaircuts For Women
Release Type Album
Label Banshee Generation Records
Bandcamp Album
Release Date October 10, 2022
Tracks 8
Length 41:28
Styles Barber Beats
Tags experimental; alternative; banshee; barber beats; hip hop; hip hop instrumentals; trip hop
Status Online
Haircuts For Women
Previous Release Life Is Short
Next Release Finale: Hell And Earth

Blood, Death & Regret is the second release of the 永遠の悪魔 Eternity Devil Barber Beats project Haircuts For Women. the album is published on the 永遠の悪魔 Eternity Devil label Banshee Generation Records.


# Track Length
1 Roses 4:48
2 Blinded 5:48
3 Cinder 7:36
4 Alone 4:53
5 Dark Corridor 5:14
6 Birds 5:12
7 Puddle 2:59
8 To Hell 4:34

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