CHANCE デラソウル (Album)

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Chance デラソウル
Chance デラソウル cover.png
ArtistChance デラソウル
Release Type Album
Label Notilde Tapes
Catalog Number NTT002
Bandcamp Album
SoundCloud Set
Release Date March 27, 2021
Tracks 21
Length 1:06:41

electronic; french house; future funk; plunderphonics (Notilde Tapes' Bandcamp)

Future Funk; House; Disco; Hip Hop; I dunno a lot of things (CHANCE デラソウル's SoundCloud)
Status Online
Chance デラソウル
Previous Release Unfinished, (Previously) Unreleased
Next Release Afterparty

CHANCE デラソウル is a self-titled album released by CHANCE デラソウル and published for cassette through Notilde Tapes.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Expect Nothing 0:22
2 A2 Burning 3:34
3 A3 A Hole in the Disco 3:28
4 A4 Loser 3:21
5 A5 Still Trying 3:48
6 A6 Ready For This 4:10
7 A7 Just For You 4:00
8 A8 What You Feel 3:33
9 A9 The Street 3:36
10 A10 Don't Stop 3:27
11 B1 Power To The People 4:18
12 B2 Interstitial Images 1:18
13 B3 Love Went Wrong 3:12
14 B4 Heartbeats & Breaks 2:37
15 B5 Hard to Explain 2:37
16 B6 Take Two 4:30
17 B7 Things Get Better 3:17
18 B8 It Sounds Familiar 3:05
19 B9 Noise Ratio 4:58
20 B10 Thanks for Everything 3:07
21 B11 Nothing Expected 0:23


Bandcamp (Notilde Tapes)

Plunderphonics legend CHANCE デラソウル (Chance De La Soul) provides Notilde Tapes with its first full length release, featuring masterful sample work delivered with a fun Future Funk flair, with hints of chiptune sprinkled throughout!

SoundCloud (CHANCE デラソウル)

My self-titled album! This is a big one y'all.


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