DMT Tapes FL

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DMT Tapes FL
Owner Vito James
Location Florida, United States
Opening Date November 14, 2014
Status Active
Years Active 2014 - Present

DMT Tapes FL (previously known as DMT[REC], and Verbatim Consciousness Recordings) is a vaporwave label founded in 2014 by Vito James. DMT Tapes FL is notable for having a substantially large catalogue, with over 1,000 releases. The bulk of the label's catalogue consists of material from Vito's many aliases, though it has published material from more well-known acts such as Dan Mason, Shima33, and 猫 シ Corp.


Releases by Vito James are displayed in a darker color. (releases not covered on this site are truncated for readability)

Date Cat # Artist(s) Release
February 2, 2015 DMT-028 Dan Mason Miami Virtual
April 26, 2015 DMT-102 haircuts for men 我々はすべてしたい
May 4, 2015 DMT-109 PEGA スカイ
May 13, 2015 DMT-117 サイバースペースSPEEDER GENESIS IV
May 6, 2015 DMT-119 Under Two Palms Under Two Palms
May 24, 2015 DMT-127 懐かし2002津波 COMPUTER HAZE
June 24, 2015 DMT-149 Hong Kong Express Zero
July 1, 2015 DMT-155 Under Two Palms DREAM ISLAND
July 12, 2015 DMT-170 モールFUTURE/PAST Welcome To Crystal Valley Mall
October 5, 2015 DMT-186 Subaeris Blue Tokyo
December 7, 2015 DMT-210 waterfront dining & 猫 シ Corp. With Love 愛を込めて
December 14, 2015 DMT-212 モールFUTURE/PAST Christmas at Crystal Valley Mall
March 1, 2016 DMT-263 猫 シ Corp. ショップ @ ヘルシンキ
May 6, 2016 DMT-288 Dan Mason Late Nite
November 9, 2017 DMT-430 Sport3000 TEXT
May 23, 2018 DMT-531 Purple Palm Purple Palm
June 11, 2018 DMT-537 vcr-classique vidéoboutique
December 13, 2019 DMT-795 nano神社 (✪㉨✪) The Demise of Nanami

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