Dream City

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Dream City
Release Type Album
Label Underwater Computing_
Bandcamp Album
Release Date April 23, 2018
Tracks 18 (17 + 1 bonus track)
Length 5:12:11
Styles Slushwave
Tags electronic; dream; eccojam; eccojams; slushwave; vaporwave
Status Online
Previous Release Glenwood Grove
Next Release Pool Party
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Dream City is an album by VAL-31, originally released in 2018. In 2020, the album was published physically through Underwater Computing_. Due to the album's length, the album was released into separate volumes for the physical releases.


# Tape Track Length
Dream City Vol​.​1
1 A Dream City 24:00
2 B Flying Through the Night Sky 29:15
Dream City Vol​.​2
3 C Lone Soul 21:29
4 D1 An Enchanting Encounter 17:27
5 D2 Ethereal Passion 1:55
6 D3 Apparition Girl 12:00
Dream City Vol​.​3
7 E1 Solitude 6:09
8 E2 Return 15:42
9 F1 Love By Moonlight 19:12
10 F2 Romance Under the Stars 8:49
Dream City Vol​.4
11 G1 Love Dance 13:47
12 G2 Will You Stay With Me? 7:58
13 H1 Soul Mates 16:20
14 H2 Take My Hand, We'll Continue This Dream Forever 23:34
Dream City Vol​.5
15 I Post-Script #1- I Do 31:23
16 J Post-Script #2- Life and Love Anew 31:31
Dream City Vol​.6
17 K Post-Script #3- As We Lay Together 31:33
18 L Feel the Magic (Bonus) 22:23


A tale of two spirits that meet and become one.


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