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Owner 「サンセット Network 91」
Location Detroit, Michigan
Opening Date February 16, 2016
Status Active
Years Active 2016 -

Fantasy☆Deluxe (originally 420永遠の, 420 Forever, or 420 Eternal) is a vaporwave collective that was started in the suburban midwest, the first release was on February 5, 2016. The name ☆ Fantasy Deluxe☆ was used for the first time on the 2015 release of the album of the same name by Newtype420. The same artwork was used to establish the original F☆D logo. It has since been updated, the new one is in direct influence of the hit tv show, "Unsolved Mysteries".

F☆D was started by Newtype420 & 「サンセット Network❾❶」(aka Sunset Network 91) although after its birth, Newtype420 stepped back significantly to focus on other things while Sunset Network took the reins. Other notable artists to appear on the collective have been Western Digital, Arthur Yamamoto, 01100001 S.T.A.R.D.U.S.T. Subsidiary, Cosmic Cycler, I am Adam of Eternia, PZA, ™century, ☆420永遠に☆, Epson, Trademarks & Copyrights, VITO蒸気の波を行います, Waterfront Dining, Memoirs, Goodnight Lamplight, Stardrifter, Sunshine State Security, HIFI地平線 & 「エス・デー・ジ"」. These artists hail from 6 continents proving that vaporwave is the international genre of the first digital generation.

SIM EARTH™ ultra気候 & 「AFTER HOURS」was the first tape to be pressed by F☆D, although the original was run was sold on Newtype420's bandcamp. The original plan was to just do one, thirty tape pressing. All the tapes at this time were dubbed by hand, at home, by Sunset Network 91 during his third year of college. He stated on Twitter that he used the schools laser printers to make the j cards(which he had to cut and fold by hand), and that he printed the cassette labels out at home using an inkjet printer.

Even with very minimal advertising on online forums, reddit, and facebook, this first run of tapes was sold out in less than a minute. It was decided at that point an umbrella would be created, specifically to showcase the projects of Newtype420 & Sunset Network 91- this conglomerate of vapor influenced, audio focused content, would be named "The Fantasy ☆ Deluxe". "The" at the beginning was quickly dropped. Plans were made to kick off the label with High Fashion, and Wasted Digital- a perfect overview of what was to become.

Spot (CEO, head mascot) With every tape release, the CEO; Spot would showcase each one. It was also a requirement to be on the label, Spot had to be able to sleep through your album uninterrupted. It is a well known fact that the best judges when it comes to vaporwave, is housecats. Spot took great joy in the music, and the production of tapes. During the handmade era, Spot was always by Sunset Networks side. Spot has since passed on due to old age, according to Fantasy☆Deluxe's Instagram he passed away at the age of 18, peacefully and surrounded by loved ones.

It is thought Sunset Network hasn't returned to vaporwave due to this but it cannot be confirmed as he cannot be reached for comment at this time.

Artwork: www.RareGDP.ccom was essential in establishing the visual aesthetic behind Fantasy☆Deluxe. RAREGDP started making netart in 2013, and later branched out to doing social media avatars. Some of those compositions would later be repurposed as j-cards. RareGDP is also credited with directing the script for Arcadia Campus: Virtual Tour.


Tape Quality: As mentioned, many Fantasy☆Deluxe were homedubs. This led to some customers saying their tapes were bad dubs, had poor quality, and were not worth the high price point. Newtype420 has stated on twitter in 2016, himself and SN91, dubbed the first couple hundred tapes on a USB boombox they had found at the mall. Tapes were recorded in real time and could only be spot checked for quality. Some took to the defense of Fantasy☆Deluxe and claimed it only added to the vaporwave aesthetic.

This mishap was fixed in late 2016 when Fantasy☆Deluxe introduced a new series of professionally dubbed tapes. This led to a short rebirth of Fantasy☆Deluxe, its artists, and its fanbase.

PZA: Fantasy☆Deluxe was part of the PZA debacle of 2016. Out of respect for PZA, sampled artists, the album TROPIC was left up available as a free download. Internet myths and rumors claim a cassette of this project was released but no record can be found it. Besides the 1986 DEMO TAPE, this is thought to be Fantasy☆Deluxe's rarest tape release.

3D CAST: Sunset Network 91 made a couple short appearances on 3D Blast's "3D Cast" although due to contractual obligations and cara-cara consumption he has not appeared on the show since 2018.

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