Glows Then Melts

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Glows Then Melts
ArtistSkeleton Lipstick
Additional Credits Jo Cutri (Cassette Design)
FIBRE (Remastering)
Release Type Album
Label Airlines Tapes
Wave Racers Collective
Needlejuice Records
Catalog Number AT004 (Airlines Tapes)
WRCCR-024 (Wave Racers Collective)
Bandcamp Album
Release Date July 4, 2012
December 4, 2020 (Wave Racers Collective)
January 1, 2021 (Needlejuice Records)
Tracks 10
Length 37:56

experimental; vaporwave; dream pop; dream punk; glofi; hypnagogic pop (Skeleton Lipstick)

devotional; philadelphia; airlines; decay; haze; horror; lo-fi; loops; losers; skeleton lipstick; tape; vhs (Airlines Tapes)

electronic; dreampop; lofi; vaporpop; vaporwave (Wave Racers Collective)

alternative; electronic; cerebral; dream pop; eclectic; experimental; hypnagogic; hypnagogic pop; lofi; psychedelic; vaporwave (Needlejuice Records)
Status Online
Skeleton Lipstick
Previous Release You Think You Know Me
Next Release Am I Close to the Edge?

Glows Then Melts is an album by Skeleton Lipstick, originally released in 2012. It was originally published on cassette through the chillwave music label Airlines Tapes (later named Airlines Records, ran by the duo that form Surfing). In 2020, it was republished on cassette through Wave Racers Collective, and was published on vinyl in 2021 through the experimental music label Needlejuice Records.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Disappointment (MV) 2:01
2 A2 Twenty Something Criminal (MV) 3:30
3 A3 Philadelphia 3:33
4 A4 Heart Keeps Beating (MV) 5:09
5 A5 Ruined The City (MV) 2:28
6 B1 Mark Twain (MV) 4:58
7 B2 I Need You (MV) 4:54
8 B3 Callowhill 2:33
9 B4 2040 AD (MV) 3:39
10 B5 I Love Your Lies 5:07


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