Hexagon Recordings

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Hexagon Recordings
Owner Forgotten Light (Leonce Nelson) and Datavis (Robin Burnett)
Location United States
Opening Date July 12, 2012
Status Inactive
Years Active 2012

Hexagon Recordings was a cassette-exclusive ambient music label, announced in 2011. After taking nearly a year to launch, announcements for nine upcoming albums were made. Only five of these were released on the label before an extended hiatus and eventual shutdown. In 2013 it was announced that the label would undergo a relaunch, and in 2015 it was announed the label would be completely resurrected to release the previously abandoned Dream Castle cassettes, however neither of these plans came to fruition.


Date Cat # Artist(s) Release
July 12, 2012 HEXAGON ONE Forgotten Light Distances
July 12, 2012 HEXAGON TWO Datavis + Forgotten Light Prism Projector
July 12, 2012 HEXAGON THREE Datavis Distant Space
August 4, 2012 HEXAGON FOUR Forgotten Light Window
Unreleased HEXAGON FIVE Tanning Salon Dream Castle
Unreleased HEXAGON SIX Forgotten Light & ECCO UNLIMITED Estrogen/Untitled
October 21, 2012 HEXAGON SEVEN Meadowlands Low_Event_Horizon_Muzik_Vol1
Unreleased HEXAGON EIGHT Memory Pavilion (Unknown)
Unreleased HEXAGON NINE Pavilion & Datavis Autochrome


  • The Datavis tracks of Prism Projector, two tracks from Distant Space, and a previously unreleased excerpt from Autochrome were collected in Datavis' Struggle Droners 2K12 compilation.
  • No information is known about HEXAGON EIGHT, other than the artist name (another alias of Leonce). It's plausible it would've been the same self-titled Memory Pavilion album that was released on Carpi Records shortly before it was announced.
  • When the label was temporarily revived in 2013, it was announced that leftover copies of LIQUID NITROGEN would be sold through the label. It's unknown whether this would've been HEXAGON TEN.
  • Two months after it was announced in 2015 that the Dream Castle tapes would be sold, the album was released on cassette with the label Afternoons Modeling. Presumably, it had already been decided to permanently end the label by then.


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