Late Nights

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Late Nights
ArtistChillBitz (and Skyglow)
Additional Credits Squirl新鮮な (Art Design)
Release Type Album
Label Shatterfoil Industries
Catalog Number SHF-01
Bandcamp Album
Release Date January 12, 2018
April 2, 2018 (Cassette)
April 2, 2019 (Expansion)
January 22, 2022 (Revisited)
April 7, 2023 (Revisited Cassette)
Tracks 10 (Original)
19 (15 + 4 bonus tracks) (Expansion)
13 (Revisited)
Length 22:14 (Original)
43:16 (Expanded)
25:29 (Revisited)
Styles Late Night Lo-Fi

electronic; late nights; lo-fi; vaporwave (ChillBitz)

electronic; classic vapor; vapor; vapour; wisconsin (Shatterfoil Industries)

electronic; classic vapor; vapor; vaporwave; wisconsin (2019 Expansion)

electronic; late night lofi; vaporwave (Revisited)

electronic; classic vapor; michigan; vapor; vaporwave; wisconsin (Shatterfoil Industries Revisited)
Status Online
Next Release [TODO]
Previous Release another late night

Late Nights is the first album released by ChillBitz, and the first release published on cassette through Shatterfoil Industries in 2018. In 2019, one year after its original cassette release, the album was expanded and republished on cassette through the label with new artwork and bonus tracks.

In 2022, 4 years after its original release, the album was reworked and re-released under the name Late Nights Revisited under the artist's Skyglow project. This version was later published on cassette in 2023 through Shatterfoil Industries, coinciding with the label's 5th anniversary.



# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Forever 2:36
2 A2 Highway 2:47
3 A3 Speeding 1:29
4 A4 Smooth 1:23
5 A5 Low 1:39
6 B1 Late Night Drive 2:06
7 B2 Car Stereo 2:18
8 B3 Our Moment 2:20
9 B4 See You 2:23
10 N/A Late Nights (Bonus) 3:09

2019 Expansion

# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Forever 1:55
2 A2 Highway 2:47
N/A A3 Racing (Bonus) 0:54
3 A4 Speeding 1:29
4 A5 Late Night Drive (Epson Edit) 1:30
5 A6 Smooth 1:23
N/A A7 untitled3 (Bonus) 2:01
6 A8 Low 1:39
7 A9 Highway (DJ Wingspan Edit) 3:45
8 A10 Late Night Drive 2:06
9 B1 Car Stereo 2:18
10 B2 Speeding (Stivi Edit) 2:29
11 B3 The Drive (Bonus) 1:30
12 B4 Our Moment 2:20
13 B5 See You 2:23
14 B6 Our Moment (Kevin Edit) 4:05
15 B7 Late Nights (Bonus) 3:09
16 N/A Smooth (Kevin Edit) 4:09
17 See You (Akihiko Edit) 4:12


  • Racing, untitled3, and The Drive are bonus tracks included with the re-release.
  • Late Night Drive (Epson Edit) was previously released on ALL THE THINGS YOU AIN'T under the name WHAMM (VHS).


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Forever 1:43
2 A2 Highway 2:44
3 A3 Racing 1:34
4 A4 Speeding 1:33
5 A5 Drift 1:32
6 A6 Smooth 1:19
7 A7 Injured 1:58
8 B1 Stay Low 1:36
9 B2 Night Cruise 2:26
10 B3 Car Stereo 1:49
11 B4 Our Moment 1:49
12 B5 See You 2:07
13 B6 Late Nights 3:10



Imagine yourself driving down the road, hand on the steering wheel, with your arm around your lover next to you. Deserted streets, no care for the speed limits. You drive into the night. Nothing can stop you now. This is your moment.

Shatterfoil Industries (Original)

An homage to the classic styles of Luxury Elite, though very close to home with an album almost universally regarded as their opus, World Class. Late Nights is a bold entry from up-and-coming vaporwave artist ChillBitz as he enter the scene with this first full-length album.

Explore the soundscape of ChillBitz's interpretation and transformation of the ideals of Luxury Elite's shining example of classic vaporwave ideals as ChillBitz brings chilled and distilled tones from his mind to yours. So lay back into your seats, and dream a dream of blinding pearlescent streetlights and towering buildings.

Shatterfoil Industries (2019 Expansion)

One year of Shatterfoil, one year of Late Nights. Through everything, this album, the first we curated and released, remains true as true can be to our goal here at Shatterfoil. Beautifully prosed, visually striking, and passionately idealized music remains the heart of what we put out, and Late Nights is the epitome and center of this.

Late Nights is back again for a re-release on tape, now with extra unreleased tracks and handcrafted remixes by Stivi, Kevin, DJ Wingspan, Akihiko Yamamato, and Epson! Each of these new remixes adds a new take onto the soundscapes provided by the album, and the four tracks previously not released to the public are each unique in their own way, adding both substance and style to what Late Nights was previously made of!

We hope you've enjoyed everything we've put out after this last year, and even more than that, we hope you're ready for more.


Roughly 4 years ago, work began on what would become Late Nights. It was put together in about a week, all in Audacity. Now, in time for its anniversary, I've gone back and revisited the project. All tracks have been remade from scratch using the original samples, and in turn, remastered a bit. I hope you all enjoy this new touched up, shimmering version of Late Nights ❤ Thanks for 4 years y'all.

Shatterfoil Industries (Revisited)

Five years is a long time in just about any context. At the start of Shatterfoil, just about exactly that long ago, we mostly put things together by contacting close friends to curate our work. In some ways, we would like to think that's never changed. We still consider every artist we work with to be a good friend, whether they be new or old. Despite this, we don't forget the importance of the oldest ones we've made, which is one part of why we've made sure to occasionally reissue our earlier releases.

This includes our first ever collaborative effort. Once before in an expanded edition, then again today, remastered and spruced up, a symbol of both the progression of the artist and us. We've worked with Skyglow (a.k.a ChillBitz, DJ Wingspan) on several occasions, and it brings us nothing but joy to be able to bring their work to the physical world with each release we partner on.

Once more and for a final time, we're presenting a masterpiece of classic vapor on tape, to show that we all still remember where we came from. We hope you enjoy this album once more just as we had so many years ago (and still do).


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