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QWERTY4-artist image.png
Location Louisiana, United States
Years Active 2018 - Present

QWERTY4 is a vaporwave artist who has been making experimental electronic music since April of 2018. In May of 2018, he would appear on Bandcamp for the first time along with his debut album, mODERN LiFE cYCLE. He has gone under many aliases over the years.

QWERTY4 also claims himself to be "The King of Plunderphonics" due to the shear amount of albums in his discography utilizing sample-based compositions.


Date Artist(s) Release Type
May 4, 2018 αNDRE ωHUSSIE mODERN LiFE cYCLE Album
May 22, 2018 tURBiD tRUBLiF 吐き気 Single
July 4, 2018 rONΛLD rUMPBOT 200年 Single
September 16, 2018 MA¥ORクリスちゃん【曽爾チ】 C₩ƆVilleショッピングセンター Album
October 28, 2018 4GOTN AMNESIAC "I can​(​t) remember​.​" Album
November 6, 2018 マイケルジャクソン 秋のスリラーB映画HORROR Single
November 7, 2018 rn /​/​:​:​SiNGULARiTY​/​File​/​1​.​0​/​TELEVANGELOID Album
November 17, 2018 StatusQuoクリップ i'm still here​.​.​.​. Album
November 20, 2018 長期うつ病 Ltd. 気分変調: Ch. 1 Album
November 23, 2018 BAWLING BRAWN 哀れ Album
November 25, 2018 OBE o u t o f b o d y e x p e r i e n c e Album
November 25, 2018 MICHAEL JORDAN S P A C E J A M S : VOL. 1 Album
December 1, 2018 絵文字泣きながら笑う 泣きながら笑う Album
December 3, 2018 UNKNOWN A Message From 2345 EP
December 5, 2018 ストレス Grades and Attendance Album
December 8, 2018 ₭₳₱!৳αL \/!₡£ ₡!৳¥ $LOTH EP
December 14, 2018 デルオプティプレックスGX110 PC ガラパンビーチモール Album
December 16, 2018 2番号ナインズ Grab That Auto: San An An An Album
December 17, 2018 M.i.n.d. A.I. M​.​I​.​N​.​D​. U​.​P​.​L​.​O​.​A​.​D​. Album
December 21, 2018 sᴛ. κηγcκ L​▲​S​T Single
December 26, 2018 HER M​.​A​.​H. Beachez​™​️ Resorts and Spas Album
December 27, 2018 M E G A M A L G A M o f f i c e s p a c e 9 5 Album
December 28, 2018 5:00 AM 仮​想​地​獄 Album
December 29, 2018 Σπάρτα Λακεδαίμων 狂​気​2307 Album
December 29, 2018 Xenadu Equal Sign 3 tR4N563ND3R iN73RN37 g4L Album
December 31, 2018 JUST樂 𝐀𝐮 Album
January 1, 2019 ætherNET cable gal æ t h e r n e t C A B L E Album
January 5, 2019 Ti-83 Plus MirageOS Album
January 6, 2019 baldacchino beddy boi baldacchino​.​jpg Album
January 8, 2019 寂しい鯨 52hz​ク​ジ​ラ​の​歌 Album
January 15, 2019 T.A.S.E. Technologically Advanced Singaporean Esplanade Album
January 26, 2019 Eden ░​▒​▓​W​E​L​C​O​M​E 2 P​A​R​A​D​I​S​E​▓​▒​░ Album
February 2, 2019 QWERTY4 💕​m​y​_​h​e​a​r​t​💕 EP
February 21, 2019 Derek Jeter ANIMIXTAPES Vol. 1 Album
March 9, 2019 pingpongball VaPiNg​-​PoNg Album
March 13, 2019 troubledTEEN You Need To Get Your Life Back On Track Album
March 17, 2019 QWERTY4 It's 4 My Birthday Single
March 22, 2019 Vape King A Motive 4 Happiness Album
March 24, 2019 FOTOSEARCH® Realistic Simulation 0001 Album
April 15, 2019 長期うつ病 Ltd. 気​分​変​調​: Ch. 2 Album
April 9, 2019 Surrealtor 2000 DreamHome™ Album
April 19, 2019 QWΞRTY4, ft. Lotus On The Shore ᒪ​😍​💗​ᗴ ᗩ​ᒪ​ᗷ​ᑌ​ᗰ - ᗪ​Ꭵ​ᔕ​ᑕ 1 Album
April 24, 2019 Ronald Macintonald LooperWave Vol. 1 Album
April 25, 2019 売春婦 セ​ク​シ​ー​ホ​ッ​ト​ラ​イ​ン Album
April 26, 2019 troubledTEEN BATHETIC RELAXATION ATTEMPT EP #3 Album
April 27, 2019 troubledTEEN troubledTEEN Bonus Bundle Collection
May 4, 2019 Mr. Spaceman From Bruno Mars To Sega Saturn Album
May 24, 2019 ATOM和夏娃 AtomWave Hits Vol. 1 Album
May 25, 2019 •℧ℕΩ₦¡✘ ☾◕ℜ♇• ℵ​⅀​۞​ℳ​Å​↳​∟ Album
May 26, 2019 kid with benefits Make me feel special. Album
May 27, 2019 MR. D%D C​%​L & FR3​$​H EP
May 28, 2019 バーチャルセガ国際 NEW​セ​ガ​サ​タ​ー​ン Album
May 30, 2019 Microsoft Home Utopiopolis Album
May 30, 2019 GEMITR☯N 2108 CASCADE​.​EXE Album
June 1, 2019 Ctrl+Alt+Repeat レ​ト​ロ​未​来​次​元​XD Album
June 6, 2019 VersaLife有限公司 超​現​代​香​港 Album
June 11, 2019 ⋉⟟⋔ ⟟​⋏​⎐​⏃​⎅​⟒​⍀​⌇ Album
June 13, 2019 One Man Band Ori Album
June 15, 2019 FlyingPiggy anal_navarre_gets_her_ass_bombed_by_jajsees_denton_while_gunther_wenks_with_helios​.​mxp Single
June 18, 2019 QWERTY4 What To Do When You've Been Scammed Online EP
June 19, 2019 CΞΘ白紙な 会​社​ミ​ッ​ク​ス​テ​ー​プ​VOL. 1 Album
June 25, 2019 αNDRE ωHUSSIE y0UR w​🌎​RLD iS MiNE Album
July 4, 2019 QWΞRTY4 私は働くHARD Featured
July 15, 2019 Xenosoft 87 島民 Album
July 18, 2019 〷RUBY夕闇 2ND​ラ​イ​フ​ヌ​ー​ド​ビ​ー​チ Album
August 1, 2019 Diskette Webscapes Neo Fantasies LLC Album
August 8, 2019 Neo Fantasies LLC Digital Euphoria Album
August 12, 2019 Lofi Taijitu Nite Out Album
September 9, 2019 Love Omega Virtual Entertainment℠ Newmillenium Album
September 23, 2019 Reizaibatsu Softworks Intl. ⁱGOGO​ᴴ​ᴰ Album
September 28, 2019 Reizaibatsu Softworks Intl. This Is Art Album
October 6, 2019 Neo Fantasies LLC ZEN Album
October 13, 2019 Reizaibatsu Corp. Re​:​DESiGN Album
October 23, 2019 troubledTEEN telecom​レ​ト​ロ​グ​リ​ッ​チ EP
November 8, 2019 ghost聖人 Haunted Dreams HD Album
November 18, 2019 Tabula Rasa Canvas Album
December 4, 2019 ZZAQQ TV ECCO Album
December 9, 2019 QWERTY4 コ​ル​タ​ナ​モ​ー​ル Album
December 17, 2019 Reizaibatsu Corp. Dream Pool Album
December 23, 2019 3rd Src Egostatic Album
December 27, 2019 QWERTY4 Variety Mixtape #1 Mixtape
December 29, 2019 QWERTY4 Christbourne 12 Album
December 31, 2019 αNDRE ωHUSSIE s​a​d​s​o​f​t​™ Album
January 4, 2020 BIG BRAIN 大​き​な​脳​の​時​間 Album
January 4, 2020 QWERTY4 Q​W​Ξ​R​T​Y​F​I​L​Ξ​S Compilation
January 7, 2020 Reizaibatsu Corp. 響​く​思​い​出 Album
January 11, 2020 QWERTY4 G O L D E N Album
January 17, 2020 troubledTEEN Hello, World! Album
January 23, 2020 Metamorpheus 関​数​goToSleep( ) Album
February 17, 2020 DJ DVORAK Expressionism Single
March 22, 2020 StatusQuoクリップ I'm Still Here: Remastered Album
March 24, 2020 QWERTY4 No Internet EP
March 28, 2020 QWERTY4 EX Mach IV Album
April 23, 2020 QWERTY4 Possible Foreign Country Album
May 16, 2020 Reizaibatsu Corp. Reflections Album
May 20, 2020 Reizaibatsu Corp. Reflections II: The Looking Glass Album
May 21, 2020 Reizaibatsu Corp. Reflections III: The Last Time EP
May 25, 2020 Broken Ghost Internet Dreams Album
June 5, 2020 ViSiON 2020 Isolation Album
June 15, 2020 QWERTY4 MAGNUM OPUS Album
June 25, 2020 QWERTY4 Remnants Album
July 6, 2020 Broken Ghost Internet Dreams 2: After the Dream Album
August 4, 2020 QWERTY4 Satellite View Album
August 9, 2020 QWERTY4 This Is How I Feel Album
September 2, 2020 QWERTY4 Dream Point Zero Album
September 14, 2020 QWERTY4 New Life TV Album
October 3, 2020 QWERTY4 LIVE! FROM NEO​-​TOKYO​!​!​! Album
October 16, 2020 QWERTY4 Mind, Body, & Soul EP
October 17, 2020 QWERTY4 Hidden Files Album
October 22, 2020 QWERTY4 Late Nite Dreamer Album
October 26, 2020 QWERTY4 Exofuture Album
October 30, 2020 QWERTY4 Virtual Nights Album
October 30, 2020 QWERTY4 Piranha Plant's Lullaby (Vaporwave Edition) Album
November 18, 2020 QWERTY4 ESCNET Album
November 25, 2020 Reizaibatsu Corp. Post​-​Modern™ Entertainment Album
December 18, 2020 QWERTY4 ゴ​ー​ス​ト​テ​レ​ビ Album
June 12, 2021 Broken Ghost 電​子​浮​の​世​【​e​-​Ukiyo】 Album
June 27, 2021 Virtual Holy Sepulchre Gradients Album
June 30, 2021 Broken Ghost Phase Reversal // Phantom Wave Terminal Album
July 8, 2021 QWERTY4 Forbidden Memories Album
July 9, 2021 ZZAQQ Wave TV Album
July 10, 2021 QWERTY4 愛​の​力​EP EP
August 3, 2021 QWERTY4 RAIN. . . . AND MORE EP
August 14, 2021 ZZAQQ MAGATAMA Album
November 25, 2021 Broken Ghost Tokyo Hivemind DX Album
December 8, 2021 Virtual Holy Sepulchre Ocean Museum EP
December 25, 2021 Virtual Holy Sepulchre Gradients Abridged Album
January 1, 2022 Reizaibatsu Corp. Dreamscape (Part One) Album
February 12, 2022 QWERTY4 don't let it slip away Single
February 22, 2022 QWERTY4 MONEY_PASS​.​EXE Single
March 20, 2022 Virtual Holy Sepulchre ziggurat dark world EP
May 20, 2022 Virtual Holy Sepulchre ABYSS Album
June 20, 2022 Virtual Holy Sepulchre TrinityOS Album
July 2, 2022 QWERTY4 鳩​査​証 Single
July 5, 2022 Virtual Holy Sepulchre V​.​C​.​R. (Virtuá Canyon Ride) Album
July 18, 2022 Reizaibatsu Corp. Dreamscape (Part Two) Album
August 7, 2022 Broken Ghost ス​ピ​リ​ト​ゥ​ス Album
August 26, 2022 Broken Ghost CHANNEL 4 NETWORK Album
September 8, 2022 navarro troops from the shadow realm 管​制​局​SPECTRE Single
October 14, 2022 Virtual Holy Sepulchre Collider Album
November 24, 2022 Virtual Holy Sepulchre TrinityOS​/​2: ⁠SOURCE Album
December 20, 2022 Broken Ghost ア​ネ​モ​イ​ア Single

Project List

Reizaibatsu Corp.

Reizaibatsu Corp. (previously known as Reizaimatsu Softworks Intl.; revised later as Reizaimatsu Corp.) is a recurring alias of QWERTY4. The logo for the alias is a red Chinese symbol that is meant to represent prosperity, which is also one of the aliases mottos. This alias is mostly used by him as a means for wild experimentation and new album ideas. Mostly it comprises experimental electronic music and classic vaporwave soundscapes.

Each album is released with a new kind of aesthetic. However, there is an overarching theme of corporate capitalism ever-present within the albums. It's meant to be both a satire and a critique on the William Gibson concept of a zaibatsu as well as the Japanese word for Spirit, "Rei".

The Reizaibatsu Corp. logo, a red Chinese stylization of the 禄 lù or 子 zi symbol representing prosperity, one of the aliases mottos.

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troubledTEEN is an alias of QWERTY4 centered around themes of teenager angst emotions.

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ZZAQQ is an alias of QWERTY4. The moniker takes queues from past vaporwave artists and what they enjoy from vaporwave, using those styles through their releases.


αNDRE ωHUSSIE is an alias by QWERTY4 expressing their disdain for present consumer capitalism and how it motivated their interest in making vaporwave.

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Broken Ghost

Broken Ghost is a slushwave and broken transmission / signalwave alias by QWERTY4. The alias was originally an offshoot of Reizaibatsu Corp., originally being used to release plunderphonic music before changing genres to differentiate from past aliases.

The Broken Ghost logo.

Virtual Holy Sepulchre

Virtual Holy Sepulchre (previously known as Holy Sepulchre) is a sound collage, new age, darkwave, and ambient soundscape alias by QWERTY4, incorporating ethereal, and heavenly-like sounds mixed in with experimental plunderphonics. The alias is used to reform past one-off alias releases, using the alias as a means of maturing.

Virtual Holy Sepulchre is also noteworthy for the acknowledgement of a shared universe that is meant to tie all of QWERTY4's main aliases up together (mainly Reizaibatsu Corp., ZZAQQ, Broken Ghost) into what he dubs "The QWERTYverse".

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