Rose Demon

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Rose Demon
Rose Demon.jpg
Location Irvine, California
Years Active 2021 - Present

Rose Demon is a vaporwave artist active since 2021, whose works are released through several aliases or projects, such as One Mind Stand™


Date Artist(s) Release Type
June 1, 2021 Digital Shadow Boy Discovery Demos 2018 Archival
July 9, 2021 One Mind Stand™ Album

Project List

Digital Shadow Boy

The previous alias used by Rose Demon over the course of 2018. Its only release was in the archival album Discovery Demos 2018, a compilation with demos recorded with the alias.

One Mind Stand™

Rose Demon's most popular alias. His songs are very experimental, featuring mashups from various hits, such as Nothin' on You and Numb. The project's sole release was .

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