Rose Demon

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Rose Demon
Rose Demon.jpg
Location Irvine, California
Years Active 2021 - 2022

Rose Demon is a vaporwave artist who started releasing music in 2021, whose works are released through several aliases or projects, such as One Mind Stand™.

The artist left the vaporwave scene due to pedophilia allegations against them, deleted all related pages and got the album discontinued from the label it released on, business casual.


Date Artist(s) Release Type
June 1, 2021 Digital Shadow Boy Discovery Demos 2018 Archival
July 9, 2021 One Mind Stand™ Album
October 1, 2021 Rose Demon Cyclops Demos 2019 Archival
December 20, 2021 3D BLAST [[I Wanna Be a Champion (I Wanna Be Alone!) [One Mind Stand™ Remix]]] Remix

Project List

Rose Demon

The artists main alias. Its only release was in the archival album Cyclops Demos 2019.

Digital Shadow Boy

The previous alias used by Rose Demon over the course of 2018. Its only release was in the archival album Discovery Demos 2018, a compilation with demos recorded with the alias.

One Mind Stand™

Rose Demon's most popular alias. The aliases sole album, , is a mashup style album that focuses on late 2000s-early 2010s samples and video game music, among other things.

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