Sunseeker VIP

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Sunseeker VIP
Sunseeker VIP-cover.jpg
Release Type Album
Label power_lunch corporation
Bandcamp Album
Release Date January 9, 2018
Tracks 17
19 (Cassette)
Length 25:00
[TODO] (Cassette)

experimental; classic vapor; hypnagogic drift; post-internet; vaporwave; yacht rock; yachtvapor (TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL)

classic vaporwave; experimental; hypnagogic drift; post-internet; post-vaporwave; power_lunch; vaporwave; yacht rock; yachtvapor (power_lunch corporation)
Status Online
Previous Release SINCE WAY BACK
Next Release Los Angeles

Sunseeker VIP is an album released by TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL and published for cassette through power_lunch corporation.


TODO: Find track length for both bonus tracks
# Tape Track Length
1 A1 unwavering desire 0:44
2 A2 as powerful as it is graceful 1:29
3 A3 when first impressions count 1:40
4 A4 basking in the afterglow 1:52
5 A5 against all odds (forever) 1:32
6 A6 the range, the life 1:12
7 A7 what many dream, you experience 1:19
8 A8 to achieve the remarkable 1:22
9 A9 sleek yet elegant 1:52
10 A10 a seamless blend 1:18
11 A11 glistening harbor lights 1:23
12 B1 stateroom mirror 1:35
13 B2 from bow to stern 1:23
14 B3 most extravagant 1:16
15 B4 an icon on any horizon 1:27
16 B5 sometimes you can, have it all 1:26
17 B6 retrospective and reflection 2:10
N/A B7 flybridge (feat. Azuresands大麻) N/A
B8 a fully customized 131



"Sunseeker VIP" new album out now via power_lunch!

Digital and cassette

Edition of 24

power_lunch corporation

"The life you always dreamed about. The life you’ve worked hard to achieve. Where time spent with those you love is most important. A life filled with precious moments, far from the madding crowd. Where unforgettable moments are upon every horizon, and adventure is on every wave. This is the life you promised yourself, the life you deserve."


TODO: Add physical media images.

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