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Location Ottawa, Canada
Years Active 2013; 2018-2019

TOYOTAセリカ (TOYOTA CELICA) is a classical vaporwave artist based in Ottawa, Canada. The artist created multiple EPs over the course of 2013, but removed all their releases and announced the project as cancelled by the end of the year. The artist would not be seen again until the revival of the Bandcamp page in 2018, complete with a Pastebin document explaining their disappearance was over copyright concerns at the time. Their return was also met with an EP of unreleased tracks, KAITAIYA.


Date Release Type
March 30, 2013 ミッドナイトクルーズ Single
March 31, 2013 日曜日DRIVE EP
April 4, 2013 COSMIC漂流 EP
April 12, 2013 EP
April 16, 2013 のためのショーケース The Eyes EP
April 20, 2013 THE END EP
May 2, 2013 リバイバル EP
May 22, 2013 Drive In Movie EP
June 8, 2013 サプリメント EP
July 9, 2013 S O F T W A R E D R E A M S (Offline) EP
July 24, 2013 Summer Breeze EP
August 21, 2019 KAITAIYA EP

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