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|Title = update this only when non-title data is in page name!
|Cover = cover.png (or jpg)
|Artist = {{Artist|artist name|artist rendering}}
|ReleaseType = release type
|Label = {{Label|label}}
|CatalogNumber = cat #
|Formats = {{Format|bandcamp or soundcloud can go here}}<br>{{Format|and physicals!}}
|Date = {{ReleaseDate|XXXX-XX-XX}}
|Tracks = XX
|Length = X:XX:XX
|Tags = bandcamp; or; soundcloud; separated; by; semicolons (except country-based tags)
|Status = (keep this blank unless the release was made private somewhere! in that case use "offline" or "{{Status|Offline}}" when u gotta specify where it was taken offline and where it's still accessible!)
|Artist2 = {{Artist|this should match the artist field}}
|PrevRelease = [[unless this is a v/a release in this case skip this]]
|NextRelease = [[unless that's part of a series in that case u can use this]]
|Artist2B = {{Artist|for use in splits/collaborative releases! or if an artist's album is part of a series}}
|PrevReleaseB = [[you can skip "PrevRelease"s if this is the first release]]
|NextReleaseB = [[or "NextRelease"s if this is the latest!]] (there are C and D sets in case of emergency)


|Title = Test Release
|Cover = VektroidPhoto.jpg
|Artist = {{Artist|Test Artist}} & {{Artist|Also Test Artist}}
|ReleaseType = Album
|Label = {{Label|fortune 500}} (Removed)
|CatalogNumber = TEST001
|Formats = {{Format|Bandcamp}} Album<br>(Test)<br>
|Date = {{ReleaseDate|2011-06-09|C}} (Digital)<br>{{ReleaseDate|2013-12-12}} (Cassette)
|Tracks = 12
|Length = 4:20:20 (Digital)<br>4:20 (Cassette)
|Tags = a; b; c; test
|Status= {{Status|On}} (Test Artist)<br>{{Status|On}} (Also Test Artist)<br>{{Status|Off}} (fortune 500)
|Artist2 = {{Artist|Test Artist}}
|PrevRelease = [[Release One]]
|Artist2B = {{Artist|Vektroid|Also Test Artist}}
|NextReleaseB = [[Release Two]]
|Artist2C = "Test Release" Series
|PrevReleaseC = [[not a test release]]
|NextReleaseC = [[TEST RELEASE II]]