To you baby, with love

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To you baby, with love
To you baby, with love.jpg
Release Type Album
Label power_lunch corporation (Digital, Cassette)
Palm '84 (Digital, Vinyl, MiniDisc)
OasisLtd. (Digital, Game Boy Advance Video)
Catalog Number TP-WV 00-01 (power_lunch corporation)
P84-091 (Palm '84)
OLTD-036 (OasisLtd.)
Floppy Disk
ROM Cartridge (Game Boy Advance)
Release Date November 23, 2018 (TUPPERWAVE, power_lunch corporation)
October 12, 2019 (Palm '84)
June 12, 2019 (STRUDELSOFT)
June 11, 2021 (OasisLtd.)
Tracks 10 (TUPPERWAVE, power_lunch corporation, STRUDELSOFT, OasisLtd.)
15 (13 + 2 bonus tracks - Palm '84)
Length 29:50

electronic; chillwave; electronic; future funk; simpsonwave; synthwave; vaporfunk; vaporwave (TUPPERWAVE)
australia; electronic; classic vaporwave; future funk; post-vaporwave; power_lunch; vaporfunk; vaporwave (power_lunch corporation)
electronic; disco; funk; future funk; late night lo-fi; nu disco; vaporfunk; vaporwave (Palm '84)
electronic; vaporwave (STRUDELSOFT)

electronic; experimental electronic; lofi; post-vaporwave; vaporwave (OasisLtd.)
Status Online
Previous Release 1993
Next Release Baby, I Miss You

To you baby, with love is an album released by TUPPERWAVE in 2018 through the label power_lunch corporation, where it got cassette publications. In 2019, it would get MiniDisc publications through Palm '84 and Floppy Disk publications through STRUDELSOFT. The album also had vinyl releases, with those being self-released by TUPPERWAVE and released by Palm '84, which featured a new tracklist. Another format release was its curious release through OasisLtd., where it got Game Boy Advance Video publications.


Digital, Cassette, MiniDisc and Floppy Disk

# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Excuses [ft MELTNET] 3:01
2 A2 Fast Ethernet [ft 4KAPAS & II nothing II] 2:57
3 A3 One Night 3:07
4 A4 Palm Springs 2:34
5 A5 Empty Bliss 2:40
6 B1 Style [ft Kurdtbada] 2:36
7 B2 Back to Yesterday 3:45
8 B3 Right on Time [ft bakmahn] 2:40
9 B4 Something Special 1:51
10 B5 Leisure [ft TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL] 4:39


TODO: Find the length for To you baby, with love and Evie.
# Vinyl Track Length
1 A1 Excuses [ft MELTNET] 3:01
2 A2 Fast Ethernet [ft 4KAPAS & II nothing II] 2:57
3 A3 One Night 3:07
4 A4 New Beginnings [ft MELTNET] 2:29
5 A5 To You Baby, With Love (Bonus) N/A
6 A7 Something Special 2:40
7 A8 Empty Bliss 2:40
8 B1 Style [ft Kurdtbada] 2:36
9 B2 Right On Time [ft bakmahn] 2:40
10 B3 Back to Yesterday 3:45
11 B4 Evie (Bonus) N/A
12 B5 Something Special 1:51
13 B6 Palm Springs 2:34
14 B7 Southbank Hill 3:00
15 B8 Leisure [ft TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL] 4:39


Palm '84

Nothing can be said about this album that hasn't already been said. It's catchy, it's funky, it's chill; it's vaporwave at its purest, and it became an instant classic (for good reason). And now, it's been reissued onto it's third physical format, MiniDisc!

Originally released by power_lunch corporation on November 23rd, 2018:


Originally released on power_lunch:


The Oasis welcomes TUPPERWAVE with the re-release of 2018's "To you baby, with love" as a brilliantly nostalgic visual album compiled by the one and only mingkurray

With painstaking research into the original samples used, and touching on all the greatest hits of 80's & 90s cinema, TUPPERWAVE and mingkurray's collaborative visual album for "To you baby, with love" presents a full audio visual experience brimming with love & appreciations for its source material. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster through the movie moments and media that shaped us, and blast this love-letter to the past straight into your eyeballs via VHS at home or GBA on the go!

Originally released by power_lunch corporation on November 23rd, 2018:




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