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Why I believe these Vektroid releases are vaporwave and should be added to her wiki page

Big Danger: Is literal signalwave

Texture Maps: Lots of sampling stuff and midi type vapor, I mean it's literally stuff that didn't make it to vektorid's previous albums

Neo Cali: also samples quite a bit, even it it's a lot of original stuff, hey, 2814 exists.

Color Ocean Road: Same as Neo Cali


Big Danger is an edited re-release of her two past releases "Starflight Iguana" and "Planet Dudette". Starflight is described as a collection of samples that wasn't really intended to be a full release, and Dudette is more so her take hypnagogic-pop. Kind of hard to call it "signalwave".

Neo Cali and Color Ocean Road don't automatically fall under the umbrella because they use samples, otherwise we'd have a page for OPN's Replica. While it's easy to see its similarities with vaporwave aesthetics, I doubt Ramona made both of those records with vaporwave in mind.

Texture Maps is made up of stuff that is from vaporwave projects but also from non-vaporwave works, including her Vektordrum era. This specific album I'll have to properly discuss with others regarding its status on this wiki.

Secondary response from k3k0tk

i kind of want a big danger page, admittedly mostly just because i want to make a big list of "this track is an edit of this track" etc, but also i think its historically important to have at least some recognition of the "pre-vaporwave" vektroid albums. i understand not including it on the wiki though. texture maps i think should definitely have a page