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Location Canada
Years Active 2020 - Present

Veridsco is an experimental producer and artist. Their main moniker, Veridsco, is often associated with ambient and experimental production, with their aliases displaying more vaporwave-style instrumentation.


Date Artist(s) Release Type
June 8, 2020 Veridsco Orbiters Single
October 17, 2020 ベリキャンディ 夢の森 MART Album
November 14, 2020 ベリキャンディ アクアティックリゾート Album
December 27, 2020 CRT麻痺 Frostbound Album
December 29, 2020 CRT麻痺 Glacial Fields Album
January 1, 2021 Veridsco Static Album
January 3, 2021 CRT麻痺 Wintertide Isolation Album
January 11, 2021 CRT麻痺 Frozen Tears Album
January 18, 2021 CRT麻痺 Crystal Haze Album
January 21, 2021 CRT麻痺 Winter Paralysis 1​-​5 Collection
January 31, 2021 CRT麻痺 Purgatory (from Inician Transmisiones) V/A Track
March 4, 2021 ベリキャンディ & フォレストプラザ スペシャル☆プロモーション Album
May 14, 2021 CRT麻痺 Slowdance Album
June 2, 2021 CRT麻痺 Overcast Album
September 17, 2021 ベリキャンディ DIGITALリゾート Album
August 19, 2022 crt paralysis "Slideshow" Album

Project List


ベリキャンディ (Veri Candy) is a project by Veridsco focused on the creation of mallsoft.

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CRT麻痺 (CRT Paralysis) is the artist's main project, creating broken transmission with ambient influence.

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