Your evening cable programming schedule

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Your evening cable programming schedule
Your evening cable programming schedule cover.jpg
ArtistSAAB 900
Release Type Album
Label Skyline
Bandcamp Album
Release Date August 18, 2016
Tracks 2
Length 46:39
Tags electric; outsider; outsider ambient; plunderphonics; vaporwave
Status Online
SAAB 900
Previous Release I Can't Help Myself​/​The Way That I Feel

Your evening cable programming schedule is an album released by SAAB 900 and published for cassette through Skyline.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Side A 23:18
2 B1 Side B 23:21


I was wandering through a local television station late one night. The glow coming from a wall of CRT monitors and the sound of smooth jazz coming from aged speaker cones in the studio room felt familiar and comforting. It reminded me of the times I'd stay up late with the TV on—not watching anything in particular, but just leaving it on for background noise and some visual stimulation. I stumbled upon a box of soundtracks for the local evening cable programming schedule that were being discarded but knew there was something magical about them. A feeling of nostalgia. Carefree late nights. The comfort that television provided only during youth.


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