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ArtistBased Frequency / WΔll Flowers
Release Type Album (Split)
Label Elemental 95
Catalog Number [ELT015] (Elemental 95)
CT_1 (Crystaltone)
HW 001 (Holoware)
Bandcamp Album
Release Date December 5, 2015
March 25, 2016 (Cassette)
Tracks 15
Length 33:12

electronic; ambient; beats; eccojams; lo-fi; lofi; plunderphonics; vaporfunk; vaporwave; vapour; vhs; vhs pop (Elemental 95)

cyberpunk; dreampunk; dystopian; eccojams; experimental; future; miami; summer; vaporwave (Crystaltone)

electronic; aesthetic; eccojams; mallsoft; vaporwave (Holoware)
Status Online
Based Frequency
Previous Release 生活 ~ Life
Next Release Black Toothbrush
WΔll Flowers
Previous Release Midnight Escapades
Next Release Slumber

☾rescent (sometimes stylized as just Crescent) is a split album by Based Frequency and WΔll Flowers, published by Elemental 95. It received a cassette pressing through Crystaltone, as well as a repress with new artwork when the label rebranded.


TODO: Document cassette release
Artist # Track Length
WΔll Flowers 1 All I Want 2:36
2 Beb 2:40
3 Echo Beach 2:06
4 Fly≈ 3:03
WΔll Flowers & Based Frequency 5 Hot Miami Nights 1:54
WΔll Flowers 6 Kisses 2:55
7 Nightcat Alley 3:30
8 行き方 Cardinal
Cardinal Directions
Based Frequency 9 Casual Wear 2:03
10 Island Rush 1:42
11 Moonlight 1:27
12 Palm Tree Cocktail 2:04
13 Stop Motion 1:13
14 ナイトダンサー
Night Dancer
15 Subliminal Seduction Part. II 2:01


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