Digital Office One

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Digital Office One
Digital Office One.jpg
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Album (Compilation)
Label business casual
Catalog Number BIZC001
Release Date May 10, 2013 (Digital)
November 6, 2016 (Cassette)
Tracks 12
Length 37:13
Tags electronic; nu disco; chillwave; compilation; eccojams; future funk; internet; new age; pizzawave; pop; post-internet; seapunk; vaporwave
Status Online
"Digital Office" Series
Next Release Digital Office Two

Digital Office One is a compilation released by business casual, the debut release for the label. It was later published for cassette in 2016.


# Tape Artist Track Length
1 A1 b o d y l i n e girl magazine flexi disc 3:54
2 A2 DeLorean.88. Miami Love 2:31
3 A3 Usha groovin high 2:10
4 A4 chris††† quivering 3:53
5 A5 WΔll Flowers Can't Find Your Love 4:20
6 A6 Pen15 Club Gaufrettes 2:45
7 B1 architecture in tokyo SURF ~ FOREVER 1:39
8 B2 REVERB LITE WidIt 1:22
9 B3 Miami Vice VHS Memories 1:28
10 B4 Blue Limits lemeroku 2:06
11 B5 ⓔⓩbⓐⓚⓔdツ $moke Break 1:35
12 B6 Dystopian Chic AFTERHOURS AT SAMANTHA'S 9:30


first compilation album
from your co-workers
at the digital offices of
business casual 87'.


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