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ahero artistimage.jpg
Name Samuel Bik
Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
Founder of Corp.oreal Bay (2018-2019)
Faceway Records (2019-present)
Years Active 2018 - Present

Ahero is an American composer and vaporwave artist, and founder of Faceway Records (including its prototype, Stratos Recordings.) The artist previously worked under the name of scamlines for more sample-heavy works, including administration of the Corp.oreal Bay label.


Date Artist Release Type
August 20, 2018 scamlines SELF-TITLED EP
September 19, 2018 scamlines ILOVEHER Album
October 8, 2018 scamlines E:den Album
November 23, 2018 scamlines ☼サンコープ Album
December 8, 2018 cruise.fm クルーズ EP
2019 Ahero Atmosphere Drifting Single
January 16, 2019 夢ΛEON // FOTOshoppeツ Venus Virtual Plaza Album
January 19, 2019 夢ΛEON In Love 愛 EP
January 25, 2019 Ahero Stratospheres EP
February 16, 2019 夢ΛEON Under Sunlight ダンシング (on BOY ONE) Sample
March 31, 2019 Ahero Interlude (ft. Ahero) (with TUPPERWAVE) Feature
May 3, 2019 scamlines environs EP
July 10, 2019 scamlines baseline (scamlines Remix) (of plastic rock) Remix
May 23, 2019 scamlines reality™ Album
June 28, 2019 Ahero Ultima Flux Album
August 10, 2019 夢ΛEON 新しいMSoftware (on The Best Of FOTOSHOPPE CO. Vol. 1) Sample
October 24, 2019 あなたと私 EP
November 29, 2019 Ahero Refreshing Single
December 20, 2019 Ahero Odyssey Single
December 21, 2019 Ahero global superstar (Aurora: Episode One Mixtape) V/A Track
January 16, 2020 Ahero UH OH (Ahero's Chill Out! Remix) (of DATAGIRL) Remix
January 19, 2020 Ahero North Shore Mountains (from c l i m a t e c h a n g e w a v e) V/A Track
February 7, 2020 HAWAII94 x Ahero Free (from COMBOCHAMP VOL. 1) V/A Track
February 7, 2020 Ahero SPIRIT Album
February 21, 2020 Ahero Chita (Ahero Remix) (of Donor Lens) Remix
March 7, 2020 Ahero EarthShine (Ahero Remix) (of Sound Market) Remix
June 2, 2020 Ahero Slow Summer (from First Class Collection: Volume Two) V/A Track
June 5, 2020 Ahero Mirai (from Free Samples: BAILOUT) V/A Track
September 4, 2020 Ahero & Whitewoods Slow Summer EP
June 25, 2021 Ahero Falling Into Place (from 永遠の (Eternal)) V/A Track

Project List


The primary alias of Bik's works, Ahero is a vaporwave-centric project working with original instrumentation, especially influenced by the works of George Clanton's ESPRIT 空想 alias.

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scamlines (alternately rendered as 世界的にscamlines™ (scamlines worldwide™)) is a project consisting mostly of "classic-style" vaporwave, with experimental touches used for a slight uncanny feel.

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cruise.fm is an alias associated with the scamlines project, used especially for driving-related concept releases.


夢ΛEON (Dream AEON) is an alias associated with the scamlines project, using a similar classic-style means of sampling with a larger emphasis on "late night lofi" and muzak themes.

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(Me) is an alias associated with the scamlines project, specifically dealing in short, vignette-style tracks.